On a rainy day in Sacramento, Ca I notice a nice pain of padlocks undisturbed except for a little creature hanging onto one of them. I was just playing around when I noticed the spider’s legs and decided to take the shot. I think I did a decent job in capturing the weight of the chains and the exposure helps with that. It’s a shot I would have taken years ago with a point and shoot but I can see my evolution as a photographer. Makes me proud to see how far I’ve gotten with this passion of mine.

Phew, two work days done and one more to go until a one day break. It’s getting slightly easier to work with a mask. More people are wearing them which is pretty nice, however, a lot of customers are ignoring the six feet rule. Plus we are not seeing a whole lot of sales in my area so they may eventually shut down our area for a while but we will have to see about that. As soon as we enter the building, we get our health screened which is pretty good as they are adding 5 minutes per health screening to our checks. Sometimes even the little things add up.

Crashed after work but slept less. I’m showering as soon as I get home so it makes me even more tired when I finally lay down on my bed. So far so good on the diet change and exercise motivation. I’ve made my own meals and I am eating smaller portions and not buying any food at work except for a protein bar. In a week, I’ll weigh myself to see the results. Just trying to make the best choices on the daily. It’s a challenge but my health is number 1.

Studied a little about stocks and female psychology plus body language. Going to continue to do so especially at work. From 4 to 7, I’m able to use headphones at work so I listen to podcasts and take notes when I can. Improving myself and gaining knowledge whenever I can.

Was able to make a few people smile today which was pretty nice. It kind of lit up my ikigai. Anyway, got the 4am shift so I’m going to crash now.

Peace and stay safe,



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