Exploring my fears and slowly conquering them. I like the exposure of the shot and the lines on the building. I was lucky enough for it to not be a sunny day in San Francisco when I took this shot. It’s a basic photo, kind of wish there was a flag on the building that slightly spilled over but oh well.

Always been afraid of heights but the more I visit SF, the less afraid I am. I still haven’t been inside one or gone anywhere past the 17th floor on a building so I can’t say my fear is 100% gone. Someday I hope to test it out by going inside a tall rise building.

Crashed after work so wasn’t able to get much done. I have the 4am shift tomorrow so I’ll have to keep this short and sweet. Focusing most of my effort on losing weight and a better diet. It’s a struggle but I am working hard on it. Doing my best to focus on that, my finances, and my education. It’s really time for me to move up in the world. I know what I want and I am going to take it.

Have fun and see your plans through,



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