Day 8 – Exploring

architecture photography

Was walking towards the beach when I took this shot but it wasn’t until I was editing the shot did I think about flipping it upside down. It’s something I haven’t done before with color photography but I was like “what the hell”. My third trip to San Francisco was about exploring and being open. I accomplished that and I believe I took a step towards improving my photography as well. Chalk this shot up to me experimenting with my craft.

Tried to rest as much as I can today. Not only was it going to be 108 degrees today but it’s my only day off for 4 days. So I really haven’t properly rested since returning from my trip. I feel like I am still catching up. I often sit and wonder what I should do. The night before, I tend to think of something I will force myself to do. Today, it was walking to Walmart (a mile and a half away), riding my motorcycle to the library and to the post office before I could lay down. I find this helps with the emptiness I feel at times as I struggle to find something to do.

I actually favor my life on the trip, being able to go wherever I wanted and to do what I wanted. I took care of myself and walked everywhere. All I did while there was eat, shoot photos, took some videos, walked, and shopped. It was a fun experience that taught me a lot about myself. Like what I don’t like and do like about traveling, what really interests, yada yada. Basically, I learned where I stand and where I want to be. I am still a little lost but I am okay with that. I’m not rushing leaving the job that I currently have as for now it will be the foundation that allows me to pursue a career that I actually want.

There are no real paths in life because it’s made up. Your path is whatever you choose it to be. I could create a path to become a teacher or a programmer if I simply decided to. We are taught that paths are always clear. Here I am 27 years old about to turn 28 next month and I’m basically clueless. Or am I simply afraid of failing? Afraid of facing fears of communication? Submitting to my anxiety about certain social situations? The trip really gave me time to think and now I spent the last few days reflecting. I’m spending less time on my phone diving into YouTube and online manga. I’m truly allowing myself to think and force myself to sit down and simply think.

It’s one of the hardest things that I have ever done. After a while, I have the urge to do what I need to do or to do something that I want to do. I may get up for a while and pace but I force myself to sit back down and write out my thoughts and give me insight to where I am suppose to go from here.

My shot is suppose to represent me turning my world upside down and exploring life with no filters. Seeing what is truly inside of me as I decide to make my own path. It’s all just a decision and I have to make mine very soon.

Peace and sweet dreams,


Day 6 – Tired and Reach


I’ve always liked to take photos of things that people generally don’t pay any special attention to. This was heightened after reading a Japanese photobook called “The Discovery of Ruins”. It is completely in Japanese but each page contains a single sentence. Now that my Japanese is better, I am able to translate it a bit. I would like to have included more of the top of this structure but it’s fine. I treat this shot like a learning experience to improve my skills and my eye for composition plus the other principles. This was taken in Japantown SF.

Was quite tired today, wasn’t able to get everything done. But the things that I did do, I gave my all to. Hopefully, I can put in more work tomorrow. I need to work smarter and do better. I am trying to reach out to take the things that I want and what I need. It’s a slow process and I am in the unknown part of life but I have to accept that and do what I can.

Sleep well,


Day 2 – Change

architecture photography, black and white photography

This was an experimental shot that I took shortly after buying new gear. I was on my way back from Chinatown when I needed to take a pit stop at a McDonalds. When I was finished doing business me and party went back up some stairs and I took this shot. You can’t really see but on the left you can see a long line of people. They are waiting in line for a boba shop. I like this shot, it would be good to use if I shot a black and white short film.

I am adjusting to my new lifestyle. I am working later in the day but at random times for the most part. Tomorrow, I work from 6am to 3pm. The job sucks but time flies by faster than my previous role at the company. My focus right now is to lose weight and to find my purpose. I am looking for another job but I know that I need to give my all to my health and purpose in order to find the career that I will truly like despite the shit that may come with it.

I’m trying to embrace my fears and slightly go beyond my edge. I am making the right steps, I have to plan out my day better and give 100% focus to whatever task that I am doing. I have been practicing but I have a long way to go.

I’m afraid but I’m learning to kiss that fear and continue moving forward with my life. I’ll do my best until I drop for the last time and even then I’ll die trying to get up than die laying still.

Gotta French kiss life,


Day 12- Life is not a Straight Shot

black and white photography, Uncategorized

I took a shot of this church once I decided to test out my new filter and lens. I took a few dozen shots until I realized that I switched the wrong button on and the camera wouldn’t focus. It was a brain fart moment that I fully accept. I would like to go back to this place and capture it again as I understand my camera better. I shared a shot of this church before on a different post that was in color. I like how this is not 100% straight and that my eyes are drawn to the detail in the doors and the space above the doors. I actually think I have decent leading lines in this shot.

I’m learning to critique my photos more while editing them. Which is another skill that I am working on.

Watched the film “The Professor” which is a decent film. The most important thing I got out of it was I have to make a new path for myself as the one I am on isn’t truly working. I am not making any true progress and battle depressing thoughts at night and when I am at my job. The lead would go on to say that 98% of people simply conform to society and simply live without living. I want to be in the 2% and I won’t settle for less. We don’t know when we will die so I plan to live well so I can die well.

Live well people,


Day 11 -Action

architecture photography, black and white photography

Loved exploring the city and cant wait to go back. I hope to capture this place again but with more of the sky. I can see that my photography and decisions are getting better.

I have to act more than I do research but it is truly frightening. We are more powerful than we could ever imagine and we fear that. But I cant do that if I want to truly live. I’m going to shake things up but I will plan with others to do just that.



Day 10 – Rhythm

architecture photography, black and white photography

Another shot I took in San Francisco as I was walking to the bus station across town. I would go back and fix the lower half of the photo to make it a little lighter. I like the design of the building which kind of helps me practice rhythm. I didn’t think about that when I was taking the shot, I simply took it because I wanted to capture it the best that I could.

I find that I understand the principles of photography and composition to an extent but I am not the best at explaining them in detail. I learn best from trial and error and doing something physical while learning.

It’s all about the simple decisions that you make everyday.



Day 9 – Fear and Improvement

architecture photography

Was walking to Japantown when I captured this shot. I was practicing with my new filters and lens. I think I did a good job but I hope to continue to learn and improve as a photographer and writer.

I actually have a fear of heights. I hate looking up at tall buildings (10 floors and higher). I always think they are going to fall over. However, my fear of heights has improved. I don’t know if its getting better with age or if it is something else. Anyway, this shot shows some improvement in my condition.

Things are clicking but I need to do more. I’ll be spending a good amount of money tomorrow to invest into myself. I am focusing on health and career at the moment. Showing improvements in a few areas but I didn’t sleep last night so it was hard to focus so I took the rest of the day to basically recover.

More in depth post tomorrow. Enjoy the hustle!