Kabuki Hotel – SF

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On a whim, me and my friend paid a good $400 to spend a night at the Kabuki hotel in San Francisco. We always looked at the building from the outside but it was truly worth to see the inside. Life is too short and I want to experience it.

It was a nice visual treat to see the fog slowly roll over the hills of San Francisco from the sixth floor balcony. Plus being able to simply walk two minutes to be inside Japantown was worth the money alone.

Didn’t explore the city as much as normally would. I simply stayed in the hotel room or explored Japantown mainly with my IPhone 11. The place was packed, it was sad to see that some of the shops were closed but that’s for another post. The hotel has a beautiful koi pond with a little sand garden to spend a peaceful few moments.

The gym was bigger than I thought it would be. It featured everything you would want from a punching bag to weight benches. Sadly wasn’t able to check out the spa but I will definitely be back.

I’ve been dealing with health issues and be focused on getting money that I neglected things like this blog even though it means something to me. I promise that I will updating this blog frequently until my creative juices are tapped out.

Still Moving Forward

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Working while working my favorite activity during a few days of the week. Took this shot while doing a delivery at a senior apartment complex somewhere in Northern California. I like it but I need to work on editing the ways a bit and maybe lighten the floor a bit.

Been busing my you know what while taking time to take care of myself. It’s hard to come back after taking a few weeks back but I’ll be making posting here a true positive habit. Been working for others too much and need to put effort in my own work. Working hard to change my day jobs and raise enough money to truly enjoy more of life.

Planning a trip to Washington state soon as my plans to travel to Japan this year are probably up in flames. Either way there will be more photos and more posts from me on this platform. I love doing this I just have a hard time coming back after a long hiatus and an even harder time figuring out where to end posts.

For now, I’ll keep moving forward while taking the right positions in life.

Be kind and appreciative to the people that truly desire it.

Palo Alto Times

architecture photography, interior architecture
Palo Alto

Found some time to get some editing done during my day job. Haven’t been using my time wisely outside of work as I’ve just been crashing after work as I’ve been getting overtime almost everyday. It’s a decent problem to have.

Anyway, I took this shot on my way to Stanford university in Palo Alto, CA. It’s a throwback to the older photos I took in the beginning of uploading my photos to this blog. It was nice to take this kind of shot again. Overall, my time in Palo Alto was well used as I was snapping away and relaxing with my friends.

Actually right after walking to Stanford university me and my friends decided to drive to San Francisco to spend the night there. So Palo Alto was a nice prelude to an even greater experience.

Have a good day and stay warm,



black and white photography, interior architecture

Another shot I took in Japan town early in the morning. Very simple shot, I wanted to capture these stairs and decided this was the best angle for me. Normally, this area of the mall is really busy so it was nice that I could get this kind of shot. It’s true as they “the early bird gets the worm”.

Crashed hella hard after work. They changed my schedule so now I work from 4:30 to 1:30pm. The difference is small but it changes things in my schedule. I really hate it, I’m going to look into changing jobs within the current retail company that I work for. However, I plan to leave this company as soon as I can find a non-retail job.

Besides, crashing hard after work today has been a good day. I was able to do some college coursework, read, study investing, got some actual sunlight, and exercised. Got an hour before I have to crash in order to get some kind of sleep. So I’ll sign off and say peace,


Follow the Dragon

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Really wanted to capture the dragon and finally got my chance early in the morning on the last day in SF. It was still pretty dark on the bridge so I had to use a higher ISO than I normally use. Decent shot, maybe I could have waited for someone to walk past me or walk up the little bump.

Work really kicked my ass today. Spent the last two hours, unloading a truck in a hella hot warehouse. Came home and crashed after showering and eating. Continuing to exercise, my legs are sore. Thankfully, I am off tomorrow and can rest for the most part.

Besides that, I practice self affirmations, studied stocks, and cleaned. Will do so much more tomorrow. Going to resume studying Japanese and start to seriously study stocks and investing.

For now, playing Battlefield V with a co-worker.

Peace and Have fun,



architecture photography, interior architecture

A shot I took while waiting for Japantown to open up. Me and my friends were exploring before we had to catch our bus back home. I could have turned this one black and white which I still might do, however, I kind of like it being in color. I don’t do a whole lot of color photos as you could tell if you have been following this blog for a while.

Spent today, resting and watching movies. I watched “Everything About Her”, a pretty decent Filipino movie on Netflix. Thought the main actress was beautiful and it was nice watching my first Filipino movie. Anyway, focusing on my weight and resting up. Started a financial course that I will hopefully complete pretty soon when I find the time to do it.

So me exposing my past and accepting it has been successful. It feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Going to be making small changes daily until I they merge into big changes. I always remember this quote from a manga I read “baby steps turn into giant strides”.

I have the 4am shift tomorrow, so I’ll cut this short and hit the hay.

Sleep well,


Day 14 – Looking

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Decided to walked up a hill to this little park to simply explore the city some more. It was a peaceful place but difficult to get to which means that it was worth it. Had a lot of fun despite the thought of having to leave the city later that day.

I was glad that I was able to keep the shot straight. I loved the experience of being in the city and taking photos. I’ve been to San Francisco four times this year for a total of 9 days. I will be going back this Friday for one day. Going to go to see a concert and hopefully be able to explore Japantown again.

Have fun and dream big,


Day 2 – Flow

black and white photography, interior architecture, street photography

Another shot of the tunnel as I was about to exit it. I wish there was more light on the right. The shot gets more grainy once I try to brighten up the shot as I shot it with a high iso. Once I get better at photo editing I will return to this shot. I have a fondness for portraits now. The more shots I take, the more confident I feel to the point it feels natural to snap away.

Someone at my nine-to-five came in and ruined the whole flow of the environment. It’s something I will have to deal with while I work there. I like my co-workers but I don’t want to be stagnate anymore. I have to shake things up before it’s too late. Let’s see what I can do with the time I have. Peace & flow!


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A simple shot based on my influences in cinema. It’s an older shot but shows how I experiment with light and shadows. Took this with a Sony Cybershot.

Back after a long time away. Won’t be taking that long of a break again. Been working and adjusting to going to college as well. It’s a challenge I’m doing my best to juggle. It’s been one week so far and I handled it alright.

I have until the 7th to decide if I need to get rid of some things in order to be a better version of myself. Recently, bought Photoshop and Lightroom so I’ll be able to explore editing more. I have a bunch of faw files waiting for me to play with them on my desktop. I’m looking forward to doing so tomorrow afternoon. I’m commiting myself to my path and eliminating options to focus while also remaining open enough to allow myself to progress naturally through life.


That’s it for now. Peace!