Natural Portrait

black and white photography, Portrait photography

A quick portrait of my friend the last time we went to San Francisco earlier this year. One of the few times I took a portrait and didn’t want to make is black and white. I know I need a lot of work when dealing with portraits but I’m proud of this one. It’s simple, decent lighting and a good expression. My friend doesn’t bat an eye anymore when he sees my camera so it leads to more natural shots which I like.

Phew! Working on learning more about my craft. Haven’t been taking a whole lot of shots but have been editing and studying fashion photography. Looking to explore more genres of photography while creating a style and direction for my craft. It’s not a one day journey even though I want it to be. I’m doing what I can to take it day by day and as a photographer and as a man.

I working on myself as I’ve gotten lazy again. But I always remind myself life is too short not to give it your all. I’m making the decisions that I need and following through. Because no matter what decision I make I will be criticized.

More from me soon!

Keeping Motivation

architecture photography, black and white photography

This was taken during my trip to San Francisco earlier this year. I had a difficult time trying to capture this building with my iphone11 but somehow managed it. I love everything about this shot so it’s easy to say that I’m proud of it.

I’m doing my best to make a living for myself after quitting my miserable job and I’ve been doing well for myself. I’m still not doing anything writing or photography related for a career but at least I’m my own boss. It’s tough to stay motivated and disciplined but I’m trying my best.

I often remind myself on why I quit my job a few weeks ago which helps motivate me to take some time to de-stress. For instance, I took some time to get some exercise using a tennis wall. It’s been a long time since I picked up a racket but I really didn’t lose a single step. It felt so unbelievably nice to hit the ball against the wall. It’s simple but so freeing.

I plan to make more time to improve the other aspects of my life especially my health and my passions.

Have a good night


black and white photography

Portrait of my friend as we walked the streets of San Francisco. I realized as soon I uploaded the photo that it was too dark. I’m going to have to re-edit and willing put time aside to study editing and actually apply what I learned.

Pursuing new job opportunities as it’s truly time for me to leave my current 9 to 5 job. I’m looking for jobs in different fields while also willing to take another job in retail but I wouldn’t stay longer than six months. I’m looking for experience and new skills that would be beneficial for me to learn.

Besides that, I’m focusing on making my passions my career and working on fitness. Really hit rock bottom and need to get my ass moving.

About to crash, so I’ll end it here. Goodnight/good morning,


Little By Little


A portrait I took of my friend as we waited for a light to change in San Francisco. Working hard to improve my portrait skills in order to improve as a photographer and hopefully find myself in a studio. I like how his hoodie is, it adds a little detail in this shot. I’m proud of the progress that I’ve made with my photography but I definitely know what my weak points are.

Currently, I’m researching new lenses for my nikon D3300. I’m thinking about a 35mm or a 55mm. I’ve been using the kit lens this whole time and would like to see what I can do with a new one. Tomorrow, I will decide which one to get after watching a few YouTube videos. I want to get two lees, one for portrait photography and a versatile one for street, portraits, and travel. I’m planning to go on many trips once this pandemic is over.

Also make get a second camera, one good portraits or video. Looking to shoot short films and videos and I’m not the biggest fan of the video side of my Nikon plus would like a flip out screen. It’s something that I will decide soon after doing some more research.

Making a plan to do 23 & Me, so I can finally see my ethnic makeup. I’ve been told many things by family members in the past but none of them seem truly fruitful so I want to take the test. Plus I’ve always been interested in this kind of thing. I will order a kit in the upcoming weeks.

Things are starting to roll for me, I’ve started to instill discipline in myself and better my work ethic. I’m proud to say that my room is clean and organized. Started to work out again and I am watching what I eat. I need to just start writing again, seeking writing projects, growing my photography platform, re-design this site, design a portfolio site, put together a professional photography portfolio, publish a book, and learn Japanese. I’ve got a lot on my plate and I will get it all done as it’s what I truly want.

Working hard to improve myself and in effect my life. Decision making is hard but it’s a must.



Simple Times

street photography

Just a simple street in Chinatown SF. It’s dirty, but somehow it’s still beautiful. I sometimes like to capture normal aspects of life and this street fulfills that habit.

Finally, was able to read volume one and two of The Promised Neverland. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I will definitely try to watch the anime in the future. Was able to do some studying of writing and investing. Going to be setting up a routine in order to better study and implement lessons that I learned on both topics.

Pushed myself to do a little more exercising than normal and started practicing boxing again which worked up a good sweat. That was about it, I’ve been reading for the last two hours which was pretty nice. It’s a perfect way to slowly prepare myself to sleep. I go back to work tomorrow from 7am to 4pm and I work until Tuesday with a one day break then back to work for a day and then a two day break. So I’m going to have to push myself not to crash after work. I know I will likely fail but if I do I’ll simply fall forward and improve each day.

Just like today, I forced myself to read and I enjoyed the experience. I pushed myself to study writing and was able to learn quite a bit. Hopefully if things work out I’ll be taking a writing course that will help me improve further.

For now, push yourselves and be willing to deal with risk. Peace,



black and white photography, street photography

Was in Chinatown when I looked up and saw this street sign. Felt like a little piece of home. It’s a simple shot that I feel has a decent composition.

Did a lot of work for my E-Bay side hustle while being able to take my motorcycle out for a long ride. In the morning, I made sure to check my stocks. So far so good, it’s up and down a lot but right now its steadily going up. Wasn’t able to find time to read the investing book but before I go to bed I will crack it open. Will also continue Joy at Work and try to read The Promised Neverland.

Made some key decisions today that I won’t share until I follow through with them. Each one will change my life either way. Also I thought about where I want to go and how I want to get there. Set a deadline to achieve these goals and if I fail then I’ll have to do something else. All it’s going to take is effort and hard work and maybe a little passion infused with luck. Now I have to get to it and start paving my path.

Enjoy your life,



black and white photography, street photography

Street shot in the beautiful yet ugly city of San Francisco. I like the scaffolding in the shot and the shadows. My friend was gracious enough to let me take his photos the whole vacation. It’s a simple shot that I made on the move. Hopefully I have a chance to take another shot like this in the future.

Got a lot done today, was able to read “All You Need Is Kill” By Takeshi Obata which was way better than Edge of Tomorrow. The story is darker and edgier as well as well drawn. Going to be reading volume one of “The Promised Neverland” tomorrow.

Studied a lot about investing today. Finally understand what the dividend yield and volume mean. How to do research or if you should invest in a certain company. Didn’t read the book today but will be able to tomorrow. Just watched a bunch of videos on the subject and found some good YouTubers to follow. Will try to learn more and do some research on the current stocks I own to see which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of as soon as I can make a profit.

Been doing push ups whenever I think about a bad habit of mine. Today, ended up doing 66 push ups and I have 15 more to do. Something simple I’m doing to try to curb bad habits. Working so far, so I’ll continue it.

I am working on a new domain in order to start a lifestyle blog and transferring this domain name under a different site so I can run it as a portfolio. I’m raking my brain on it but I’m not coming up with anything so I’ll just sleep on it and try to come up with some names tomorrow as life through my eyes was already taken.

I have the 4:30am shift tomorrow, so I’ll end it here.

Have a good night/day,


Enjoying Life

architecture photography, black and white photography

Forgot that I took this shot but it’s from a trip to San Francisco last year. I took several shots of this building but this one is clearly the best. It’s simple but it feels “right” to me for some reason. I like the flag on the left, however, would like to remove the building on the lower right side of the shot. The flag & the statue are my favorite parts of the shot.

Actually had the most productive day I’ve had in a few years. Was able to get work done for my side hustle on E-Bay, invest more into stocks, a lot of cleaning, and even some reading. Now after 12 I had dip as I was dead tired for some reason and took a way too long of a nap. But was still able to finish the day off with a good list of things accomplished.

Taking tomorrow of from my day job in order to recover, study, read, work on passions and side hustles, as well looking for other jobs. Right after I finish this post I’ll be diving into “Dissolving Classroom” by Junji Ito. It’s been on my shelf untouched since my last visit to San Francisco. Also will dedicate time to reading the Marie Kondo book. To be honest, I have a bunch of books to read that I have sacrificed for somewhat interesting YouTube videos. Trying to lower my YouTube time and work on being okay with silence.

I realize as I wrote this I don’t have the overwhelming dread of having to prepare for work or trying to force myself to sleep so I can be prepared for a long day at my day job. I am something happy or at least satisfied. Which kind of shows I need to get the hell out of that place. I’ve been saying that for a long time but I was always afraid to leave. Now I know I’m just going to be sad to leave my current co-workers as I know as soon as I’m gone those relationships will be severed forever. But that’s life..

Enjoy yours,


Pop Pop

architecture photography, black and white photography

An interesting building I captured during one of my trips to San Francisco. I wish I could go back and try to make the left side of the building pop a bit more. Also, might try to learn how to take out some of the noise at the bottom of the shot thru Photoshop. My editing skills are improving but need a lot of work.

Interesting day today, worked hard and did a fair amount of work. I was able to complete all of my assignments at work and was able to get some thinking done as well. First, work is still busy and people are still ignoring certain rules that the store has. Secondly, I was able to think about my goals and how much I need to achieve them and what I have to do in order to so. Still need to write a strategy so that will be the goal for tomorrow.

Was able to review Katakana on my lunch break so I resume my Japanese language study. Will review Katakana again and try to study Japanese grammar. Still plan to go to Japan but will have to postpone until later in this year or next year sadly. Trying to listen to Japanese music in order to work on my listening comprehension. Found a few interesting bands like Code Rain, Scandal, Band-Maid, and a few others.

Instead of crashing after work, I hopped on my motorcycle and handled a side hustle. It was what I really needed. I felt good, relaxed, and free. Might have to make it a habit in order to not fall asleep after work. Still did but once I came home from the ride.

Besides that, was able to study investing and clean. Trying to Marie Kondo my room. I have had some success but will need to focus on it to actually still results.

Got the 4:30am shift tomorrow, so I’ll have to end it here. Peace and stay sane,



architecture photography, black and white photography

A little bridge to cross over to Japantown in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to capture this area before but homeless people flock to the ramp so I always avoided crossing this bridge. I was able to nab this shot after the area was cleaned up a little bit. Anyway, I really like the shadows and the simpleness of the background and how I didn’t take the shot straight on allowing for more depth.

Phew, it was a joyous day for me. Got a bit done, still have a bit more to do before I hit they hay. I have work at 4:30am, Yay….All day long I’ve been thinking about if I should take a risk and finally leave my job for another one. My friend that I went to SF actually just quit as he couldn’t take the BS anymore. I also promised two previous co-workers that I would quit as they didn’t want to see me get lost in this place. I think by writing that previous line out, I have made a decision let’s see how I act upon it.

Been slowly cleaning up my room in order to declutter my life. It’s working so far, I have more that I want to do before going to sleep but we will see as I get to need a good amount of sleep for the dullness of tomorrow. Been studying investing for 21 minutes before I start work and I am been willing to become a more aggressive investor (only slightly). It’s helped me develop plans for my finances and on my financial goals. I only have 400 dollars in the stock market but I put in about 100 dollars per check. So that number will grow and grow until my money truly works for me.

For tonight, my focus is on cleaning and relaxing but come tomorrow I’ll focus on investing, Japanese, job hunting, organizing, and plan making.

Sometimes a goodbye leads to a hello,