An interesting building I captured during one of my trips to San Francisco. I wish I could go back and try to make the left side of the building pop a bit more. Also, might try to learn how to take out some of the noise at the bottom of the shot thru Photoshop. My editing skills are improving but need a lot of work.

Interesting day today, worked hard and did a fair amount of work. I was able to complete all of my assignments at work and was able to get some thinking done as well. First, work is still busy and people are still ignoring certain rules that the store has. Secondly, I was able to think about my goals and how much I need to achieve them and what I have to do in order to so. Still need to write a strategy so that will be the goal for tomorrow.

Was able to review Katakana on my lunch break so I resume my Japanese language study. Will review Katakana again and try to study Japanese grammar. Still plan to go to Japan but will have to postpone until later in this year or next year sadly. Trying to listen to Japanese music in order to work on my listening comprehension. Found a few interesting bands like Code Rain, Scandal, Band-Maid, and a few others.

Instead of crashing after work, I hopped on my motorcycle and handled a side hustle. It was what I really needed. I felt good, relaxed, and free. Might have to make it a habit in order to not fall asleep after work. Still did but once I came home from the ride.

Besides that, was able to study investing and clean. Trying to Marie Kondo my room. I have had some success but will need to focus on it to actually still results.

Got the 4:30am shift tomorrow, so I’ll have to end it here. Peace and stay sane,



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