Evidence of my habit of taking photos of cameras and people taking photos. I developed this habit after a few trips to San Francisco when on a whim just decided to take a photo of a man taking a photo of a couple. This shot was taken in San Francisco, I made sure to keep the shadow in the shot and to capture the subject from a different angle. I really like the background of this shot. It’s very simple but I like it.

Had a good rest today, was able to talk to my former co-worker for the first time since he quit. Studied stocks quite a bit today, invested more money in the stock market and started to follow various investing YouTubers. Really wanted today to be a productive day before I have to go back to my day job. I have the 4:30am shift, so I won’t be able to make a long post.

Anyway, today was good for my mental health. Took some time to plan my investment strategy, set some goals, clean my room, watched “1917” and community. Wasn’t the best in terms of hustling and getting out there but I need days where I can truly unwind without wasting a day. I applied to various day jobs that hopefully will give me better opportunities to work on what I truly want to do.

Tomorrow, I’m going all out and doing everything that I have meaning to do for a while and will work until both my mind and body need rest.




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