Saw these two apples and was compelled to take a photo of them. It was sprinkling so the apples appear moist. I didn’t touch the apples in any way so it was surprising them placed like this. Oddly enough I like this shot. I’m a weird photographer, I enjoy capturing life as it is. I walk a lot so I get to see some pretty bizarre moments like these.

Was able to get bit of work done today. Wished I did more but there’s still time left before I go to bed. Thankfully I don’t work tomorrow so I’ll be able to get even more work done. I really have to do get my ass in gear and truly work outside of my job so I can live the life that I truly want. I got to get rid of the distractions and stop trying to escape just because I hate my life and don’t always want to work to improve it.

I know this but sometimes it feels like I am in an endless cycle. I would like to say I will overcome it and I will say that but in order to do that I will need to beat myself and truly accept reality.

For now, sleep well and be well,



5 thoughts on “Truth

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      1. David, It’s my pleasure! πŸ™‚
        I would be eagerly waiting for your future posts!
        Since you have such beautiful writing, would you mind checking out my blog once? Your feedback will be invaluable to me. Thank you!

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  2. Pretty interesting content. I like your post about movies and personal development. I’m glad you used Intouchables rather than the American remake. Seems like you have informative and quality content.


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