A portrait shot of a dog that was in my family for a long time that we had to put down earlier in the year. I don’t normally do animal photography but I did it in this case. Whenever I held the camera close to her she would turn her head so it was hard to get this shot. It’s an okay shot, I think I did good with the atmosphere and her expression.

I worked hard today but wasn’t really feeling it at my day job. Goodbyes have been on mind a lot lately. I want to say goodbye to my current job, my weight, and my current problems. One friend left for the military this year and another is moving across the country. I hardly ever use the word but the context is what gets me. I like some of my co-workers which makes it hard to leave but I know that I have to. I like the safety of my current situation but I have to move on before it’s too late.

I have to put in my work into my true passions and transform myself into the man that I want to be slowly. So I have to say goodbye to my current self and the way I currently live. Because sometimes goodbyes are truly a chance to say hello to something else.

Hello and goodnight,



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