A little bridge to cross over to Japantown in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to capture this area before but homeless people flock to the ramp so I always avoided crossing this bridge. I was able to nab this shot after the area was cleaned up a little bit. Anyway, I really like the shadows and the simpleness of the background and how I didn’t take the shot straight on allowing for more depth.

Phew, it was a joyous day for me. Got a bit done, still have a bit more to do before I hit they hay. I have work at 4:30am, Yay….All day long I’ve been thinking about if I should take a risk and finally leave my job for another one. My friend that I went to SF actually just quit as he couldn’t take the BS anymore. I also promised two previous co-workers that I would quit as they didn’t want to see me get lost in this place. I think by writing that previous line out, I have made a decision let’s see how I act upon it.

Been slowly cleaning up my room in order to declutter my life. It’s working so far, I have more that I want to do before going to sleep but we will see as I get to need a good amount of sleep for the dullness of tomorrow. Been studying investing for 21 minutes before I start work and I am been willing to become a more aggressive investor (only slightly). It’s helped me develop plans for my finances and on my financial goals. I only have 400 dollars in the stock market but I put in about 100 dollars per check. So that number will grow and grow until my money truly works for me.

For tonight, my focus is on cleaning and relaxing but come tomorrow I’ll focus on investing, Japanese, job hunting, organizing, and plan making.

Sometimes a goodbye leads to a hello,



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