Soulless Garden & Pocari Sweat

The few positive results of me and my friend’s journey to San Jose. We went to the Japanese friendship garden and let’s say we did not see what we expected to. Anyway, I was able to capture a few good shots with my camera (I miss it – enter crying face emoji). If you haveContinue reading “Soulless Garden & Pocari Sweat”


A little bridge to cross over to Japantown in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to capture this area before but homeless people flock to the ramp so I always avoided crossing this bridge. I was able to nab this shot after the area was cleaned up a little bit. Anyway, I really like the shadowsContinue reading “Connections”

D102 – Kuu

This is the result of me exploring nature. I’m really working on composition and my editing skills. Was able to take a few shots today but I haven’t edited them yet. I pushed myself a bit physically so I’m resting. I was able to finally finish editing my short film I made a whole ago.Continue reading “D102 – Kuu”

Long journey

Went on an 8+ mile walk and had a lot of time to think and take photos. I’ve made some decisions in my life which will help me finally progress in a positive manner. I am acting on what I want to do and what I don’t want to do at the moment but shouldContinue reading “Long journey”


Went out with my family to the old part of my city. We walked around for an hour or two. In this photo, we were exploring for a decent bathroom. Decided to try the river king and we’re quite successful.  I captured a lot of the moments during this journey but understood when not toContinue reading “Explore”