Day 4 – Explore

black and white photography, sky, street photography

I simply like to explore and take shots of whatever I find interesting. I wanted to capture these lanterns in Chinatown and this is the best that I could do. I took a few shots but it was hard to take capture a shot of them without including a building. I wanted to simply capture a lantern and I did just that.

I’ve been exploring different things lately. Went rock climbing one week and went shooting another. Will be going camping on Sunday. Besides that, I have made some small improvements to my life. I had a setback so I failed but instead of sinking down into a depression I got back up and got moving.

I still have so much work today and I will need to push more further in order to do it or I will never get anywhere in life. I am 27 years old right now and I don’t want to die being a retail employee. I need to give 100% focus on what I’m doing and I know that I wrote that before but I need to repeat it in order to make it sink into my thick skull.

Shoot for your dreams,


122 – Searching

nature, nature photography, sky, street photography


Experimenting with light as I stopped for a moment while on a walk. I love to get up around this time and go walk. There’s hardly any people around and theres typically a nice breeze.

In the morning, I’m antisocial I prefer quiet mornings. So taking shots like these do wonders for my inner self. I love to create and to be active, so walking with my camera is embracing two passions at the same time. This shot is about embracing nature and telling the world you are still here as we are given a new day.

No excuses,


D89 – Reach

nature, nature photography, sky

IMG_20180303_104008-01.jpegSimply looked up and captured a “T” in the clouds. It was a nice and sunny day which isn’t all too rare in California. I don’t take too many photos of the sky but this one has to be my favorite.

I’ve been meditating and listening to instrumental music first thing in the morning to slowly wake me up. It’s hoped me, I don’t feel like doing it but I forced myself to. I’m able to control my emotions more. Also been taking cold showers which is really great once you get over the initial feeling of freezing your a## off.

Overall, I’m reaching towards the sky to live the life that I want to. I’ve taken a few steps towards that live but I have to walk up a mountain before I can truly start to see more of the life that I want to life. I’m grateful for the time I have and I will not waste it anymore.

Shoot for your dreams,



Day 69 – River

black and white photography, nature photography, sky


“You survive or you surrender” – Jeremy Renner, Wind River.

Had a thought-provoking day, I got a lot done but not enough. I stepped towards a better future but I am frustrated with how much I did. The only way to remedy that is to do too much. I have about 3 hours left until I fall asleep and I plan to do more than twenty things. I will fight through every challenge to accomplish what I need to before I rest.

I finished watching a movie called Wind River. Which was a wonderful film that left me awestruck and enabled me to truly think about myself and the world. It inspired me to write which is what I will continue to do after I am done with this post.

This photo represents the movie to me as the setting was in an “iceland”. I wanted to showcase a photo with darkness and a little bit of light. I accomplished it with this shot, too bad it doesn’t snow here. I ponder what am I doing when  I see this shot and the meaning of life is to suffer. I’ve been pondering more and more as I explore myself, the world, philosophy, and my art. Only to ask more questions that lead to one solution.



D48 – Experience

nature photography, sky


Had a great day pushing myself to the physical limit. However, I explored the mental aspect of life as well. I walked four miles + and had a lot of time to think and explore my desires. Afterwards, had a great time meeting up with a friend. We discussed politics, philosophy and psychology. It got me to think deeply about everything and I found the answers but I have to still explore to find the proper solutions for each problem I have.

Keeping it simple and ending it here.

Have a great life,


Day 28 – Imperfect Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky


4 mile walk, 1 2 sets of 6 games of Tennis, and 30 minutes of basketball. It’s been a long day for me and I enjoyed every moment of it. Rewarded myself with Hawaiian BBQ that was amazing. Explored and took a lot of photos plus developed new concepts for photos and my design work.

My mind is clear (despite a headache) and I’m motivated to keep on going on this path of mine. I’m blazing my path every single day with every decision I make. If I make a mistake I go back and fix what I did wrong. I can honestly say I am improving in every category slowly. It’s frustrating but I know the reward is worth it.

This photo simply shows my love of black and white photography featuring nature. It’s simple but I find it beautiful. In that way, this photo does represent my interests. I try to capture photos based on a single word sometimes and today’s was simple.