“You survive or you surrender” – Jeremy Renner, Wind River.

Had a thought-provoking day, I got a lot done but not enough. I stepped towards a better future but I am frustrated with how much I did. The only way to remedy that is to do too much. I have about 3 hours left until I fall asleep and I plan to do more than twenty things. I will fight through every challenge to accomplish what I need to before I rest.

I finished watching a movie called Wind River. Which was a wonderful film that left me awestruck and enabled me to truly think about myself and the world. It inspired me to write which is what I will continue to do after I am done with this post.

This photo represents the movie to me as the setting was in an “iceland”. I wanted to showcase a photo with darkness and a little bit of light. I accomplished it with this shot, too bad it doesn’t snow here. I ponder what am I doing when  I see this shot and the meaning of life is to suffer. I’ve been pondering more and more as I explore myself, the world, philosophy, and my art. Only to ask more questions that lead to one solution.




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