Time for Photography

black and white photography, street photography

Exploring the boundaries of what I can currently do with photography. I have the passion and desire to follow dive into this craft. I bought my first DSLR last year, I had to save a few checks into order to do just that. I bought a Nikon D3300 from B&H and my photography journey continued after years of using point and shoots plus a trusty super zoom camera.

I sometimes lose all hope of becoming a photographer and try to do something else but I always come back to this craft. In turn, I waste time by doing this tiring cycle. I’m better but I still have a long way to go.

My goal with photography is to embrace my ikigai “to evoke” and to tell stories plus document life. It’s been a tough journey, I’ve failed sooooo many times that I tried it quit but I know deep down that I would regret it. Life is too short for that b.s.

I’m going to give my crafts my all for the once time in my life no matter what I have to do.

These two photos were taken at the San Francisco Aquarium. I was on a trip with my little brothers, my mother, and my step-father. It was a very special trip for me as I don’t get to see them a lot. It was nice to embrace the big brother role and to see their smiling faces as they enjoy themselves.

I like the first shot, however, I would like to see another shot with less grain. I wonder if that would make it better or would it make me dislike it? We won’t know.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden, Former UCLA Basketball Coach

Peace and have fun,


Shattered Dreams or Shattered Vices

black and white photography, street photography

This photo can represent someone’s desperation after their dream shatters or someone’s resolve to get rid of their vices. I love photos that may have conflicting meanings depending on who views it. I won’t state my opinion further and allow you to decide what you believe.


I’m working hard to accomplish my dreams when I actually get down and do some work. I struggle to get to the keyboard but when I’m there I write away. I’m ridding myself of distractions and focusing on my passions.

Was able to write one thousand words in less than an hour in one sitting. Im writing about something that I love and I require myself to write that much on a daily basis. I fail everyday but I’m pushing myself to try. I have the dreams but I need the hard work. I’m developing it and will continue to develop it until it’s no longer a thought.

I don’t want to be 50 years old working at Walmart for terrible pay. I want to accomplish my dreams so I must work hard. I realize this but I do get lazy. However, as each day goes by I’m less lazy. Tomorrow will be the start of a new work ethic. I have something to prove to myself and I know I can do it. I just have to do it.

I’m off to do just that. Peace,


116 – Abstract Thought

street photography


Trying to focus but everything simply becomes like this shot. I end up saying wtf is this. Despite that I like this shot. It’s the inside of a fallen cone. A simple shot showing character of a forgotten shot.

Will be trying to improve myself and make the right decisions to get my life on a roll.

Be free and disciplined,


D71 – Master

black and white photography, street photography


Just do what you want to do and screw what others think. Be the master of yourself and control your life. The more I create photos that I like the happier I am. I am not focusing on one type of photography. I am simply seeing what I can create at the current level of photography I’m on.

Exploring myself and the world around me. I see the world differently as we all do , however, I pay attention to things that people neglect to focus on. This lock is a symbol of that and my love for the forgotten. I can’t really define my artwork nor will I allow others to do so. I will create what I like without a label. There are too many niches that I enjoy and all the niche seem like they can blend together if done right.

I love the cold metal that appears in this shot. I am a fan of both steampunk and cyberpunk. However, I am not a fan of most Sci-Fi material. I love to see machines but only machines that do not resemble humans. This is a symbol of my growth as I realized what I truly like and dislike plus I can break both down if asked about it.

Anyway, I pushed myself 49% of my capacity which sounds terrible but it’s an improvement. I will continue to try to raise that everyday. I have sacrificed a few things that I know won’t benefit me in the long run. It’s challenging but it most be done for me to grow. I’m also reading a lot more, 6 out of 100 books so far. The biggest hurdle will be coming soon and I am truly scared. I realize I am creating this fear and I must overcome such a simple step to get to where I want to be but it is challenging nonetheless. I can’t afford to make a mistake with this step as it will set me back. There’s too little of time for me to go back to where I was a few weeks ago. I am ready for the world…I will fight this fear and truly sculpt the person I truly am and the world I want to live in.

Be your own sculptor,


Day 69 – River

black and white photography, nature photography, sky


“You survive or you surrender” – Jeremy Renner, Wind River.

Had a thought-provoking day, I got a lot done but not enough. I stepped towards a better future but I am frustrated with how much I did. The only way to remedy that is to do too much. I have about 3 hours left until I fall asleep and I plan to do more than twenty things. I will fight through every challenge to accomplish what I need to before I rest.

I finished watching a movie called Wind River. Which was a wonderful film that left me awestruck and enabled me to truly think about myself and the world. It inspired me to write which is what I will continue to do after I am done with this post.

This photo represents the movie to me as the setting was in an “iceland”. I wanted to showcase a photo with darkness and a little bit of light. I accomplished it with this shot, too bad it doesn’t snow here. I ponder what am I doing when  I see this shot and the meaning of life is to suffer. I’ve been pondering more and more as I explore myself, the world, philosophy, and my art. Only to ask more questions that lead to one solution.



Day 66 – Through the Looking Glass

black and white photography, street photography

After reading and becoming more comfortable with myself I am creating even more art and capturing more photos that I want to take. I feel like I listened to what other people said that I should seperate each niche. I can understand that mindset, however, that is not how I do things.

I’m seeking to capture the world as I see it and photos like this do just that. I love to capture the forgotten and showcase their “voice” in a way.

That’s all for now folks.

Do you,


Day 64 – Embrace the Dark Side

black and white photography, street photography


A simple photo of a taped up dog door that I have been meaning to share for a while now. To truly become the best version of ourselves we must first accept ourselves and that includes our dark sides. Rather than run from it we must acknowledge our shadows. I didn’t have that idea when I caught this photo but after looking at it recently the idea came into my head.

Keeping it short and sweet today.

Embrace the dark side and live,


D51- Care: Don’t

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography


Looked back and found this photo in my abstract folder. I notice things that I could have made better but I see this photo as the beginning of what was possible with creating photos.

Simply you have to not give a fuck about what others think or what your negative self says. At the same time you have to talk criticism right and reflect. Even the haters might say 10% that is truthful. Don’t let it get to you but understand the truths of the matter.

That’s it folks and have fun,


Day 50 – Love: Make Yourself Uncomfortable

black and white photography, nature photography

DSC00977-01Exploring myself and digging to the bare bones of what I am doing and why. Developing my reason why for doing these things is difficult but its a process. You have to get up and put you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. You have to push yourself to the brink and do the same the next day over and over until it’s a habit. Afterwards, you move on and make something else a habit. You repeat this process while remembering your why and not shaking in the face of temptation.

The world will look dark and bleak but there is beauty in your struggle. You have to keep your head down and focus on improving. Be able to say no to temptation including to your friends and family. Stay focused on your goals every single day. Have your why engraved into your body so when your mind doesn’t want to do it you will do it anyway. Eventually your mind will have into your body and the two will have peace. It’s tough but if you want to change then do what must be done. This is what I had in mind when I chose this photo of mine.

Love the struggle,