Just do what you want to do and screw what others think. Be the master of yourself and control your life. The more I create photos that I like the happier I am. I am not focusing on one type of photography. I am simply seeing what I can create at the current level of photography I’m on.

Exploring myself and the world around me. I see the world differently as we all do , however, I pay attention to things that people neglect to focus on. This lock is a symbol of that and my love for the forgotten. I can’t really define my artwork nor will I allow others to do so. I will create what I like without a label. There are too many niches that I enjoy and all the niche seem like they can blend together if done right.

I love the cold metal that appears in this shot. I am a fan of both steampunk and cyberpunk. However, I am not a fan of most Sci-Fi material. I love to see machines but only machines that do not resemble humans. This is a symbol of my growth as I realized what I truly like and dislike plus I can break both down if asked about it.

Anyway, I pushed myself 49% of my capacity which sounds terrible but it’s an improvement. I will continue to try to raise that everyday. I have sacrificed a few things that I know won’t benefit me in the long run. It’s challenging but it most be done for me to grow. I’m also reading a lot more, 6 out of 100 books so far. The biggest hurdle will be coming soon and I am truly scared. I realize I am creating this fear and I must overcome such a simple step to get to where I want to be but it is challenging nonetheless. I can’t afford to make a mistake with this step as it will set me back. There’s too little of time for me to go back to where I was a few weeks ago. I am ready for the world…I will fight this fear and truly sculpt the person I truly am and the world I want to live in.

Be your own sculptor,



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