On my Own Path: No More Excuses

The worst thing about me is that I never truly given my all to something. I was afraid to fail or that was never good enough. So I looked for excuses to use for why I didn’t pursue something wholeheartedly. Read an article about the UFC Jon Jones who is considered by many to beContinue reading “On my Own Path: No More Excuses”

Day 1 – Back Again

So I failed again, shocking I know ;). Anyway, I had an opportunity to write a post yesterday. But I was dead tired so I knew that I would just type something short. So I made the decision to sleep. I decided to bring up the scheduled release of this blog from 10ish to 9ish.Continue reading “Day 1 – Back Again”

Day 14 – Commitment

Looking up while walking to Japantown from my hotel. I noticed that my fear of tall buildings has died down a lot. I wanted to capture this shot as I like to practice doing shots like this and I can do anywhere there is a tall building. Decided to stay at my current workplace asContinue reading “Day 14 – Commitment”


Where am I going? Where have I truly been? I don’t know nor do I fully expect to. I want to fully know, but the harder I try the less confident I become. I am a writer, photographer, mentor, and artist. It’s out there in the universe, I’m trying but I could try even harder.Continue reading “Road”


Walked four miles, played tennis, and ate some really good food today. Was able to treat a friend to a meal and got some nice frozen Greek yogurt. It was a nice change of pace from simply resting. However, today I will be having a rest day so my body can recover from work andContinue reading “Adventures”


Someone Upgraded As I walking to my college I peered down at something shining under the blazing sun. It was a pink iPhone badly bent and the first thing that came to my mind was “someone upgraded”. In this field, I always see discarded materials like bras, phones, food, mattresses, etc. It would be aContinue reading “Kindness”

Shattered Dreams or Shattered Vices

This photo can represent someone’s desperation after their dream shatters or someone’s resolve to get rid of their vices. I love photos that may have conflicting meanings depending on who views it. I won’t state my opinion further and allow you to decide what you believe. Dreams I’m working hard to accomplish my dreams whenContinue reading “Shattered Dreams or Shattered Vices”

Developing A Plan

Trying to admit my faults to become the adult that I need to be. To admit them is to grow and that’s what I need right now. I was exploring my neighborhood and found this pacifier on the ground. I tried to make the shot interesting as I took multiple shots from different angles. IContinue reading “Developing A Plan”

Back to the Basics

Caught this little sign while I was on a walk. I don’t know where it is from nor what it is for. I am guessing that it comes from the hardware store across the street from this tree. Anyone, it was something out of place so I caught it before it disappeared. Today, I startedContinue reading “Back to the Basics”