So I failed again, shocking I know ;). Anyway, I had an opportunity to write a post yesterday. But I was dead tired so I knew that I would just type something short. So I made the decision to sleep. I decided to bring up the scheduled release of this blog from 10ish to 9ish. I will re-start the 30 day challenge with this post.

I don’t mind failing it’s only a struggle when I prolong picking up the thing that I failed at as a day turns into a week and a week turns into three months. I did that before and I never want to do that again. So here I am, making sure to show up to my full potential. Even the lazy side of me is tired of not giving my all in life.

After a nap, I simply decided to follow the Marie Kondo method of cleaning and try to declutter my room. Can honestly say, I spent about an hour cleaning my room and deciding what to keep and what to throw away. I realized what I liked and disliked my room and made changes based on those two things. My room is much more organized, there a few more things that I would like to change but that’s in due time.

Besides that, I am still forcing myself to do something before I lay down to take a nap or fall asleep. If I have something to do and I can do it right then then I will force myself to do that activity before allowing myself rest. I find that this habit to be beneficial. I feel like I am wasting less time. It’s a slow and steady battle to win against the lazy side of myself. I lose a lot but I am starting to tally up more and more wins.

I haven’t reached out to see what projects online that I can attach my name to. Which is a major fail as I probably submitted to the fail of me slacking off and failing or being told that I am not good enough. However, I did create a mock resume so that’s a small step. I will need to get off my ass and put in some work on projects. I will look and try to find one project to give my all before branching out and multi-tasking projects. I don’t know where it will lead me but I know that I am excited for the journey.

Sleep well, dream big, and take action!



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