I did my best to capture the birds as they were starting to fly away because of a dog that was in a previous shot that I shared. It was a beautiful sight, the birds simply flew in a curve and landed in the same spot. They gave no f*cks about the dog or the people walking by them. I really like the fog in the shot, it gives a mysterious vibe that really showcases the location.

Didn’t get much sleep last night, so today I was pretty damn tired after work. Yet still managed to study Japanese and set up my schedule before taking a quick nap. A blackout occurred around 9:30pm so I wasn’t able to keep up my schedule of releasing posts at 9ish.

Typically on Tuesdays I will rent a few movies and relax while watching them after work. Rented The Hustle (meh), Bright Burn, and Isabelle. Resumed walking a few miles around 6pm. Today, was the first time since I’ve been back from my trip. I had to force myself but once I was out on the streets I enjoyed the experience. Will do my best to make it a daily habit again but can’t promise myself as it’s going to be in the 100s again this week.

I did research jobs and projects that I could join/or apply to. I will do more research after watching Brightburn. There is a tiny hitch as most of the jobs that I researched, they would require me to commute to San Francisco. Which sounds fun but isn’t feasible at the moment. I can see myself living there but at the same time I couldn’t as I know that the quality of living isn’t the best. I can see that from all the homeless and from stories I’ve heard about the rent in the city.

Working on educating myself to increase my chances at landing a better job. So little by little I’m getting off my ass and putting in work. I am not trying to be a scrub for life.

Now go enjoy the night/day,



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