After completing my goal of walking to the beach I took a shot of this bird. It was making noise but it didn’t appear to be angry, however, I still made sure not to get too close. I still got close enough to shoot the bird while it was in the progress of making noise. Not something that I am able to do a whole lot of lot. I treated the trip as a way to fully experiment with different genres of photography. A big city like San Francisco is a perfect place to do that. I wish I was able to get the bird’s eyes in the shot as they are really hard to see. Anyway, I still like this shot and the memory behind it.

Going to try to take baby steps towards the life that I want to have. I have to realize what I want then take action. Once, after reading a tennis manga ironically called “Baby Steps” I decided that I want to try tennis. A few weeks later, I took a tennis course at college and have been playing it for two years now. I wanted to go on a trip with my friends, two months later that we went to San Francisco together. Just got to get off my ass and figure out what it is that I truly want without any background noise.

It’s easier said than done but it must get done or else I will live a life that I simply don’t want. I have made a few small decisions everyday in order to practice making more important decisions to make it a little easier on myself. I’m still so far away from where I want to be and that’s how the self doubt creeps into me. I simply have to beat the hell out of the negative thoughts and keep taking baby steps towards a goal.

Not much happened today, I did a good amount of research but besides a walk I treated today as a rest day. I’m going to be super busy starting next week as I will have to balance a few things in my life. Will work harder and do what I want.

You do the same. Peace,



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