Another beach shot, this time I was preparing to leave the beach when I took this shot. It’s simple but you can find a story in it. I like to document life and it’s one of my passions that links me to photography and video.

Made a little progress today. I was able to develop some goals based on the life that I want. Plus was able to break down some of those goals into smaller ones. It’s nothing too big but it’s a baby step that I needed to take. Besides that, I didn’t take too many steps forward. I’m not mad but I understand what I must do and what I have to do to get there.

I believe I just get lazy or simply submit to the fear. Instead, I have to beat the hell out of the fear and self-doubt. I have to reach out and take what I want. I have to create daily and equally as important I need to share what I create for the world to see. Or all my dreams and creations will die alongside of me and I’ll join the street of unfilled dreams.

My Japanese is getting better slowly and I am working on my verbal communication. Trying to do my best and not overload myself. However, I do have a sense of urgency as I am not getting any younger and I do not want to stay where I am at in life. I’ll make the sacrifices needed to be the man that I should have always been.

Love yourself,



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