A Golden1 building in San Francisco was relevant to the conversation I was having with my friend at that very moment. So I took this shot as I touched the curb across the street from the building. I took a few shots of architecture like this San Francisco. It was a truly good learning experience.

I didn’t plan of updating at this moment but I just felt writing as soon as I sat down in my chair. I felt a bit of a fire stirring in my chest which I haven’t felt in a long time. I believe it’s due to me being excited and feeling like I am on the right path. Did my fair share of research today and have come to the conclusion of the goals that I want to accomplish.

Self doubt is starting to creep in right now but I am typing this slowly as I think to myself about how this path can go right and not paying any attention to the negative thoughts or rather just beating the hell out of them. It’s not easy but I understand it will happen a lot during my lifetime. I have to accept it and move on with my head up and my feet moving as I take more and more baby steps to the goal.

I also researched about a government position that I may be fit just in cause I fail to do anything with my photography and writing by December 31st 11:59pm. It will be a difficult path but it will be one that I would be okay opposed to a career in retail or another physical labor job. I’m hopeful that I will succeed and accomplish making the decisions that need to be made.

Besides blogging for thirty days straight, I also have given up three habits for 15 days to see if they are negatively impacting my life. It is only day two and it has been difficult to fight the feeling of doing these three things. However, I know it will get worse before its better. And if I do crave to do these activities then I truly know that they do negatively affect me.

I’m choosing to do research, exercise, edit, write, and build Gundams rather than those three habits. I feel a little more productive and did get a decent amount of research done today. Will need to do more so I can formulate a loose plan and take action. I’m not waiting for the perfect moment or for people to come to me. I will reach out and apply myself over and over again until I achieve.

Keep on going. Peace,



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