Been Too Long

I’m happy to say that I am back on this site and will be continuing to work on my purpose. I have no excuses for being gone so long but I swear to myself that I will be active. I was able to leave my previous retail job for a higher paying job with moreContinue reading “Been Too Long”

Day 3 – Baby Steps

After completing my goal of walking to the beach I took a shot of this bird. It was making noise but it didn’t appear to be angry, however, I still made sure not to get too close. I still got close enough to shoot the bird while it was in the progress of making noise.Continue reading “Day 3 – Baby Steps”

Striving to Improve

A type of photography that I don’t do much is animal photography. However, I am still exploring my camera and what I can do at my current level. Also trying to gain experience using Lightroom. This dog is known for being chill unless you have a vacuum. He stood still for me an was lookingContinue reading “Striving to Improve”