I’m happy to say that I am back on this site and will be continuing to work on my purpose. I have no excuses for being gone so long but I swear to myself that I will be active.

I was able to leave my previous retail job for a higher paying job with more benefits and more freedom. So I am in a better place than I was when I stopped writing here. Sadly, my Nikon D3300 was submerged in Folsom Lake so it’s out of commission. I’m working hard to get another DSLR but for the meantime will be shooting with my iphone 11.

It will be a challenge but my phone has a good enough camera to satisfy some of photographic urges. I’m simply trying to live my purpose and act accordingly. I can’t be lazy anymore and expect things to turn out well. Got to get off my ass and get to hustling. Returning to this blog is a simple step in the right direction for me.

Will be investing more in myself and less in entertainment. The only thing I can do is to prove it with my actions as words are just words.

For now, have a good night and stay safe.



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