Passion In Shadows


Despite how simple this shot is, I happen to love it. I love the soft shadows that seem to consume almost everything. Playing with shadows is great and combining it with architecture is really fun. There is a slight human element with the icebox and the leaves. I can imagine how I would make this shot better and will try to explore other options in the future.

This has been my style for s while now and I am looking to explore it with models. I love film noir films and other forms of entertainment that are not afraid to play with shadows. I was inspired recently by a film called The Eyes of My Mother. It’s not the best film by far, but it has cinematography that is simply beautiful. I explore shots when I watch films and find myself sometimes enjoying certain shots rather than the actual movie.

Another film that I enjoyed for its cinematography was The Outsider. It happened to feature another love of mine heavily which is Japan. It experimented with colors but wasn’t afraid to be dark. I could keep this up all day! I am starting to realize the truth that has always been under my nose. I was either too ignorant or I simply didn’t see in-between the lines.

Discovering the type of photography that I want to create, the type of stories I want to create, and the type of visuals I want to create have sparked something inside of me that I thought I lost. It’s a bittersweet thing called passion. I’m doing my best to create and to keep on creating in order to have the life that I want to.

My main goal is freedom, I want to be able to create full-time. So basically, my mantra is to create, compete, dominate, and Japan. It motivates me and I don’t have to say a lot to understand the depth behind each word. It’s a simple technique that I will employ every time I look into a mirror or whenever I have to do something that I may not want to but will help me on this path that I am trying to create.

I have to end it here, but just know that I will be making more posts and they will be longer than usual. Enjoy your life and take time to understand what gets you going.





Exploring beauty in it’s simple form. I had fun with this shot and simply like it for what it is.

A frustrating day but I pushed myself even after throwing up a bit. I’m working hard to develop myself and my life.



112 – Shady Flow


My favorite shot I’ve taken of this area. I can see the imperfections in this shot and know what I can do to improve it. I like the lines in the shot and the reflection of the trees. The more I look at it, the more I like this shot and start to see new things about it.

Walked 8 miles today, took a lot of photos on this enjoyable journey. I still have to upload them and edit them. Pushed myself a lot today and I feel that I’ve been stronger mentally and physically. I’m glad that I am putting in work to improve both of them as I’m finally starting to see changes and the positive results of them.

Dare yourself to get lost,



Day 85 – Doing Your Part


Doing your part is a common theme brewing in my house lately. This photo is relevant to that theme as you should give up fast food in order of healthy food. I also found it funny that I saw a bunch of empty McDonalds bags and then a single uneaten apple. I did not have to move anything aroind. This is how I found it, I only worked on the angle.

I’m trying to do my part in this household which is a slow process as it requires me to go through interviews. I’m nervous as all hell but it’s a must for me to get out into the world. I’m developing a solid schedule to be more efficient with my time. Its only been one day but I found it pretty effective. I will continue to do and make improvements daily.

I pushed myself physically and was able to control my emotions so I wouldn’t lash out at someone. So it’s a small improvement but I have to work on it. I simply have started to care more about myself and my life because if I’m not good then there’s no point. I’m going to have to sacrifice more which will be challenging but worth it if I can become stronger. I’m working very hard and I know I can do it.

Well I got to get moving and do some more work before bed.

Have fun and challenge yourself,


Day 83 – Nice

IMG_20180223_101349-01.jpegWas exploring a new area of the town I live in when two mormons rode by and greeted me. They were nice and simply rode away after saying “I’m fine thank you”. I believe it was around 10 am so the sun is out and peeking through the trees.

I’m exploring more and finding ways to take photos of people. It’s something I like and I’m doing it more. It’s a struggle as I am a shy introvert but I’m breaking out of my shell more when I have my camera.

The day is not over but I was able to push myself and I’ve completed more today than yesterday. I’m still operating at 65% but hopefully today I can get closer to 70% before midnight. I got rid of some toxic things and replaced them with relevant things and better habits. Got to explore more and develop some results before I go to bed for the last time.

Be kind not nice,


D82 – Shadows

DSC00251-01.jpegExploring Shadows while on a long walk. I enjoyed taking this photo a lot as I was able to capture all the shadows and showcase a slower pace of life with only one car in the frame with no blur. It’s a simple shot but it represents a slower pace of life.

Was able to go beyond my normal capacity today. I believe I was able to reach 70% but I will have to see after this post. I was able to get a lot of done and started my day off right with meditation and instrumental music. I did slip up a bit but I was able to pici myself up. Working hard to continue to improve and enjoy life. I’m close to discovering the simple solution to each problem I have.

I can honestly say that I was happy today. I’m showing progress but I instead that I have a lot more to do. I need to get a move on and get out into the world before it is too late.

Date to experiment,


D76 – Heart


Was inspired to take this shot after reading a photo book by Drew Barrymore. Her photos were all about finding heart shapes in the world. Luckily, I found this heart shaped cookie outside of the library after reading the book. To succeed I must look within myself and love what I do even when it sucks.

I’m challenging myself to be brutally honest with myself and become more self aware.

I’m also taking steps to improve my physical state especially my heart. It’s a true challenge but it’s something that must be done for me to live the life I want to have. I’ve found that anatomy is interesting and that keeps me engaged unlike many other subjects I’ve explored.

There’s a long road ahead of me but I’m fully committed to the journey of bexoming the strongest version of myself.

Aim for the heart,


Day 74 – Save


Exploring while it was raining and caught this when the rain let up. Was very interested in capturing a shot of the boat before it’s done.  This was me taking a shot from a different angle.

Numbers don’t mean a thing to me, I’m focusing on creating what I want. I am proud of myself for this shot and I hope I can take even better ones in the future.

Spent hours doing what I was suppose to do. I am working at a higher percentage everyday. Was working at a low percentage for a long text, now I’m focused and know what I must do. It’s not always like that but I accept the challenge.


D73 – Losing Information


I’ve had to learn what is truly useless to give energy to in the long run. Like the person who spent time researching information and writing down the info on that flashcard. I had to discover what information is useful to me and which isn’t. Whenever I explore something I have to ask myself “how will this life benefit my life?”.

I had to sacrifice things and pick up things that I may not like in order to better myself as a man and as a creator. I’m having fun during these challenging moments. The people around me are crumbling though. I am not the best communicator, which is something I am working on. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone but I do have to be able to communicate my dreams, goals, and plans effectively in order to actually achieve them. I hope the person who wrote on the flashcard can have a successful life.

Discard what isn’t useful and devour what is,



D72 – Neglect


We seem to Neglect the places we live and ourselves in general. Eating shit will make you feel and look like shit. That’s life and there is no way I’m willing to sugar coat it. Often I see a lot of trash scattered around the city and have seen people simply throw things on the ground. I’ve even been places where people threw the trash down in front of an empty trashcan. A lot of people don’t seem to value the place we live and depend on for our survival.

It can be said the same about our bodies in this day in age. We neglect our bodies for a quick fix of something that is killing us slowly. Even fit people tend to neglect their legs in favor of more popular parts. People tend to neglect their brains as well.

You can see that in the current climate of politics. Everyone wants to talk about feelings but ignore the facts of life.

We must develop our bodies alongside our minds. If we can take our minds we can control our body. If we care for our world maybe neighborhoods wouldn’t look as poorly as they do which would increase their value. All I’m saying is we have a duty to ourselves to truly become the strongest versions of ourselves. We have a duty to the next generation to allow them to grow in a cleaner environment and teach them how to conduct themselves as proper men and women.

This photo reflects that, lazy people with no concept of care for their surroundings or themselves.

Live free and be the strongest version of yourself,