I’ve had to learn what is truly useless to give energy to in the long run. Like the person who spent time researching information and writing down the info on that flashcard. I had to discover what information is useful to me and which isn’t. Whenever I explore something I have to ask myself “how will this life benefit my life?”.

I had to sacrifice things and pick up things that I may not like in order to better myself as a man and as a creator. I’m having fun during these challenging moments. The people around me are crumbling though. I am not the best communicator, which is something I am working on. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone but I do have to be able to communicate my dreams, goals, and plans effectively in order to actually achieve them. I hope the person who wrote on the flashcard can have a successful life.

Discard what isn’t useful and devour what is,




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