Standing Firm From Afar

black and white photography, street photography

Takoyaki man strikes again but this time I stood further away. I like this shot, mainly due to the atmosphere. I feel like I am getting better with my editing and street photography. I can reflect on my photos and see what I could have done better and what I should learn to do in post.

It was hella nice to have two days off but at 4am I go back to work. I am not really looking forward to it but it does get me out of the house. Apparently work has slowed down but I the last time I went it was still busier than normal. I am glad that the store pushed back the time it opens by one hour. It allows us three hours without customers to fully prepare for the onslaught of dumb questions and requests.

Have seen some progress in my goal-setting but still need to develop my vision and my strategy to achieve it. Have been looking at alternative methods of educating myself and have passed my first course on Coursera which granted me a nice digital certificate. It’s a six course specialization on international marketing. I don’t know how far I will go with it, I’m going to complete the second course and then decide if the other four are worth pursuing.

Really not much has been happening, I am trying to curb three bad behaviors, exercising, sleeping, catching up on Netflix, investing, Coursera courses, and cleaning. I’m hoping to dedicate my quarantine time to simply bettering myself so I can become closer to the man that I want to be and to pursue the life I want when all this clears up. Forcing myself to update this blog almost daily but will be writing daily from now on until I decide not to. I’ll challenge myself to update this blog thirty days straight.

Stay safe and challenge yourself,


P.s. Be selfless

Ease of the Moment

black and white photography, street photography

Took more than one photo of this old man walking through Japantown SF. This one is much tighter and the lines seem to be good to me. I like the shadows and subtle reflection of the man on the ground. I managed to catch him while he was in motion which adds another element to the shot.

Can’t help but to try to read the sign to the right of the old man. “Takoyaki” it’s a pretty good snack on the go. I can read a lot of hiragana and katakana but my vocabulary and kanji game are very low. Been reviewing grammar and trying to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. It’s proving itself to be a worthy challenge to pressure me to keep on going. Going to start to learn Hangul today.

I don’t have a specific source for learning Korean but I’m sure I will develop a plan for studying it if I continue to pursue it further down my path. Besides that, I am working on unlocking my potential for this site and updating social media regularly. Yesterday, was a halfway decent day. While today was a struggle.

I have a few things that I am scoping out to see if it will be beneficial for me to pursue them. Like writing, continuing college, Korean, investing, changing jobs, apply to other jobs, downloading final cut pro x, and a few more things. I’ll give small updates to showcase with I’m at with each one. Can’t wait to see what sticks.

For now, enjoy yourself and take a moment to relax,


New Paths

architecture photography, black and white photography

My friend was gracious enough to allow me to photograph him on my last trip to SF. Ironically, I took this shot because I loved the composition but now that I look at it it was the perfect shot for the occasion. The friend in the shot is leaving for the military tomorrow night. He is embarking on a new path without his friends and family. The trip to SF was our last trip together before he shipped out. My and my other friend attended his goodbye party and afterwards we went to get some boba tea and nacho fries from Taco Bell before we split ways.

So I didn’t indeed this shot to having that kind of meaning for me it just happened because of the moment. I’m truly grateful for the experience and that I was able to capture such a moment thanks to my love for photography and my almost obsessive need to capture moments on trips.

I wished my friend good luck on his new journey and he wished me the same. Nothing will be the same but it’s up to me to walk down my path. I will remember our friendship and treasure it for the rest of my life.

Peace and good luck,


Day 8 – Work

black and white photography

Saw this as I walked through a farmers market in San Francisco. The two are so close together but are simply staring down at their phones while everyone else at the market is cleaning up or trying to make the last sale. I like to capture people while they move, so the girl swiping on the phone is perfect for that. Will go back and edit it over and explore the photo more.

Committed myself to go to class today. I had a hard time staying awake as I have two classes with the same teacher and she went through the syllabus for each class the same way. I don’t know if I will stick with the classes but I’m giving them until Sept 5th to spark a little joy inside of me or I’ll drop them and pick up some online classes.

It kind of sucks because now I only have one true day off as I work four days a week and attend school twice a week. On top of all that I am job hunting, studying Japanese, trying to lose weight, writing, editing, etc. So I’m going to be busy and will have to figure out how to balance everything out.

For now, I am going to focus on my passions when I’m not in class or at work. I have to do something as I am only getting older and I’m getting the urge to just drop everything and travel the world. Still a viable option (jk…maybe). However, one thing I did walk away from the class today was that I truly need to dedicate myself to the craft. I have to devour books and understand the terminology while also being able to physically show me doing the thing that I’ve learned. I learn about leading lines, I need to be able to showcase that in a photo.

I haven’t dedicate time to reading or reviewing photos from other people. So I’ve been lazy in all areas of my passions. I can’t say I won’t fail at times but I will fully dedicate myself to studying my passions on a daily basis to see if I can truly get the career that I want and the life I desire or simply fall into something that I have never thought about before. All that doesn’t happen unless I give 100%. If I fail so be it but I would like to fail while giving my all. If I fail, knowing that I didn’t give my all that would be a harder blow to handle as I’m at fault for my failure.

It’s a lot to explore I know. It’s necessary for my survival and happiness. I am pursing what sparks joy inside of me and tossing out what doesn’t. I will devise a schedule/plan to help me study my passions and balance everything else out. I will be stressed, will want to just lay on my bed and go back to sleep but I will force myself out and eventually it will become easier on my mind and body. Plus a few trips outside of the city might help me recover mentally. It’s food for thought.

Gotta hit the hay, I have to be up at 5 for work tomorrow. Peace out and stay awesome,


Beautiful Escape

black and white photography, Portrait photography


Took this shot of my friend while we were arriving in San Francisco. I really enjoyed it as I know he’s one depressed mofo and that moments where all three friends can hang out are moments where he doesn’t have to be in that mindset. So I would title this photo as “beautiful escape”.

I don’t take many photos of people but I am doing  my best to change that. Focusing on portraits in order to further my skills. Hopefully, I can continue to express myself and others through my shots.

Striving to Improve

black and white photography


A type of photography that I don’t do much is animal photography. However, I am still exploring my camera and what I can do at my current level. Also trying to gain experience using Lightroom. This dog is known for being chill unless you have a vacuum. He stood still for me an was looking at me the whole time. I simply wanted to practice my photo taking and editing skills. I think I did a good job but I’m sure there is room to improve.

Took a much-needed rest day. Tested out my Xbox One and what it can do compared to my Ps4. Did a lot of soul searching as well and making some progress. Still, have a lot more to go over and I still have to study for a test that I am taking tomorrow. A lot to do but I am enjoying most of it.


black and white photography, interior architecture, Uncategorized


A simple shot based on my influences in cinema. It’s an older shot but shows how I experiment with light and shadows. Took this with a Sony Cybershot.

Back after a long time away. Won’t be taking that long of a break again. Been working and adjusting to going to college as well. It’s a challenge I’m doing my best to juggle. It’s been one week so far and I handled it alright.

I have until the 7th to decide if I need to get rid of some things in order to be a better version of myself. Recently, bought Photoshop and Lightroom so I’ll be able to explore editing more. I have a bunch of faw files waiting for me to play with them on my desktop. I’m looking forward to doing so tomorrow afternoon. I’m commiting myself to my path and eliminating options to focus while also remaining open enough to allow myself to progress naturally through life.


That’s it for now. Peace!



Exploring Life

black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

Exploring while looking up. I took this with my Cybershot I believe, however, would like to take a new shot of a similar subect with my Nikon D3300. I think I made it too dark which is rare for me to say. Anyway, it’s an older picture and I can see very thing I can do to make this shot better next time. Surely but slowly I’ll improve till the day I die.

Working in retail gives me a lot of time to observe human behavior. A lot of what I’ve seen is negative as if people don’t know how to be respectful to others, products, or the employees of the store. I find so many half eaten things in random places like half eaten donuts in the freezer, half drank Gatorade behind cottage cheese, etc. Besides that, I simply think all day about what I need to do and what I truly want.

I do my best to muster energy to get things done but after this week I’ll be able to do a bit more. I’ll be working less and hopefully will be able to lose some more weight.


street photography


Not bad, but I will have to go back and edit it some more to make the subject a bit brighter. Caught this while walking one day and took several shots of this shot before it disappeared. It’s normal for me to take shots like this daily. I take shots of random subjects and willing to fail in doing so. I treat it as a learning process and will continue to do so to improve.

I’ve been working hard and saving up money. I’m debating on buying Photoshop and/or Lightroom from Adobe. I will have to do research as I do need an editing software that can handle RAW photos. I have a good amount of photos that I need to edit so I will need to decide. My problem is I don’t want to make monthly payments on anything right now. The downside is that my photos will sit on my desktop just begging to be edited and uploaded. Will take some more time to consider my options.

Besides that, I am trying to improve my life by improving myself. Still looking for another job and hopefully one in photography or at least one with videography. Will keep my head up and enjoy the now.