We seem to Neglect the places we live and ourselves in general. Eating shit will make you feel and look like shit. That’s life and there is no way I’m willing to sugar coat it. Often I see a lot of trash scattered around the city and have seen people simply throw things on the ground. I’ve even been places where people threw the trash down in front of an empty trashcan. A lot of people don’t seem to value the place we live and depend on for our survival.

It can be said the same about our bodies in this day in age. We neglect our bodies for a quick fix of something that is killing us slowly. Even fit people tend to neglect their legs in favor of more popular parts. People tend to neglect their brains as well.

You can see that in the current climate of politics. Everyone wants to talk about feelings but ignore the facts of life.

We must develop our bodies alongside our minds. If we can take our minds we can control our body. If we care for our world maybe neighborhoods wouldn’t look as poorly as they do which would increase their value. All I’m saying is we have a duty to ourselves to truly become the strongest versions of ourselves. We have a duty to the next generation to allow them to grow in a cleaner environment and teach them how to conduct themselves as proper men and women.

This photo reflects that, lazy people with no concept of care for their surroundings or themselves.

Live free and be the strongest version of yourself,



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