Day 6 –

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A shot of a subject that I’ve taken once before. This time I wanted a shot of the structure without a couple taking portraits under it. It’s pretty hard to get a shot of this structure without people swarming around it. I did capture a few shots of the structure without any human elements, however, I chose to show this one off. I wanted to showcase the structure and in this shot I really did. It’s in the background but it stands out and appears firmly in place. You have the small crowd of people, most of them are in motion while the others are looking around. I like this shot a lot, in a way you can say that with a shot like this I am practicing composition. I think I did a decent job on that part but I’m sure there is a lot of room for improvement.

Today, after my post-work nap, I focused on research and going back to read my past works. I read through my Unotaku articles and realized I made a few mistakes. I didn’t proofread them enough as sometimes the sentences seemed stiff plus I misplaced a few words so some of the articles didn’t really flow. However, I did like the content. I had some negative thoughts about my writing career in general after reading them. Now that I am sitting at my desk and thinking about the articles. I came to the realization that I am proud of the content and the work that I put into them.

The most recently written article was the best as I didn’t make the same mistakes as the first few, however, if I just go back and add a few more words in them they were be good in my standards. When I going through this little crisis, I ended up smiling and saying to myself that “it’s okay”. I may not write well enough to be a journalist I can improve or simply focus on becoming a better blogger. However, I will improve in both areas if I write more and focus on improving my written work.

That’s a step in a positive direction for me. I am a little worried that I don’t know where I am going but I have to get comfortable with that feeling. I have to through away titles and focus on what sparks joy inside of me when I do it.

I’ve noticed that I talk to myself more positively and when self-doubt creeps in I talk myself out of those negative thoughts. Which really impresses me now that I typed that out. I worked hard on improving my mental game and It was worked a bit. I’m not completely fixed nor have I created fully since I wrote “The Boy” short story a few days ago. But by writing this post, I am creating. I don’t realize that as sometimes I force myself to get up and write a post before midnight strikes and I fail again. However, the last few days it has been easy to simply get off my bed and sit down on my chair and get to work on this blog.

Another improvement! Also, I have continued to work a mile after work and have started to practice boxing which is getting me up and moving. I still force myself to do simple things before I am able to lay down on my bed after work. I am not satifised with the amount of improvement as like everyone else I want it to happen faster but I know that it won’t. I have to keep the baby steps up in order to grow into the man that I am suppose to be. Slowly but surely, I am growing.

Baby steps turn into giant strides,


Day 2 – Trigger: Happy Fourth

street photography

A random act of graffiti that I found in an alley in San Francisco. It’s a simple shot that I take and honestly my favorite thing about is how the sign came out.

Today was pretty tough but I managed to get through it. I am transferring to a new department at my retail job and It is a mistake. I realize no matter what I do at this store I will be unhappy and unfulfilled with the work that I am doing. So I am actively seeking a new job while working hard on developing the skills I need to create the career that I actually want. Hopefully, in two months I will be far away from this job.

On another note I am seeing slight progress in what I am doing to improve myself and my life. Sometimes negative feelings try to creep in but I do my best to crush them. I take note of small improvements with every activity that I dedicate time to. I’m going to be starting to work on my mental game. Although I have been simply through reading books. However, I am going to dedicate time for yoga and meditation.

I plan to go on a motorcycle trip next Sunday and the weekend after that I will probably be in San Francisco again. I will be taking a lot of photos on both trips and will spare any space on my sd cards.

I am truly trying to figure my life out and admit to myself that I have already found my passions now I have to get my head out of my ass and stop being lazy so I can develop the skills needed to pursue them further.

Peace & Love with fireworks,



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A simple shot based on my influences in cinema. It’s an older shot but shows how I experiment with light and shadows. Took this with a Sony Cybershot.

Back after a long time away. Won’t be taking that long of a break again. Been working and adjusting to going to college as well. It’s a challenge I’m doing my best to juggle. It’s been one week so far and I handled it alright.

I have until the 7th to decide if I need to get rid of some things in order to be a better version of myself. Recently, bought Photoshop and Lightroom so I’ll be able to explore editing more. I have a bunch of faw files waiting for me to play with them on my desktop. I’m looking forward to doing so tomorrow afternoon. I’m commiting myself to my path and eliminating options to focus while also remaining open enough to allow myself to progress naturally through life.


That’s it for now. Peace!



Exploring Life

black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

Exploring while looking up. I took this with my Cybershot I believe, however, would like to take a new shot of a similar subect with my Nikon D3300. I think I made it too dark which is rare for me to say. Anyway, it’s an older picture and I can see very thing I can do to make this shot better next time. Surely but slowly I’ll improve till the day I die.

Working in retail gives me a lot of time to observe human behavior. A lot of what I’ve seen is negative as if people don’t know how to be respectful to others, products, or the employees of the store. I find so many half eaten things in random places like half eaten donuts in the freezer, half drank Gatorade behind cottage cheese, etc. Besides that, I simply think all day about what I need to do and what I truly want.

I do my best to muster energy to get things done but after this week I’ll be able to do a bit more. I’ll be working less and hopefully will be able to lose some more weight.


architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Sometimes the best teacher is yourself and a book. Other times it’s getting outside and living life. I’m anti-social introvert with the habit of talking too low and fast, which causes me to stumble over my words. I’m trying to overcome it, but I understand it takes time.

Every passion I want to turn into a career is a gateway to another thing and can be self taught rather easily. The more photos I capture pictures and experiment the better I get. The more I gain pencil mileage the better writer and artist I become. It’s a slow process that I will allow to consume me. As an iron addict once said, “you got to be obsessed with it” – CT Fletcher.

I realized a while ago I learn best when I am doing something hands on. I don’t like to sit in a classroom all day. This was also evident at my job when I was forced to watch videos all day. I actually learned more in one hour on the floor than I did while cramming a ton of videos.

Reading books is great for you, but you need to make time to write your own life story through your experiences. Your life is your story and only you can write it.

Experience and put it your mileage,


Walking Alone

architecture photography, black and white photography

Realized that I may walk alone but I am not lonely. I don’t have a true friend only people that I talk to or meet up with once on a while. I’m fine like that, I’m an introvert and my photography seems to showcase that.

I’m working on myself and I tend not to have time to do much else. I do spend time with my family when I can. Now, I’m exploring my options and diving deep into the technical side of my passions. Will be learning the inside and outside of cameras and technical photography terms. Also working on my grammar and sentence structure. A rough road is ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Going to be looking for a new job as well.

Always be willing to learn as you are willing to teach. Peace,




Where am I going? Where have I truly been? I don’t know nor do I fully expect to. I want to fully know, but the harder I try the less confident I become. I am a writer, photographer, mentor, and artist. It’s out there in the universe, I’m trying but I could try even harder.

I haven’t brushed the lips of success yet. I do get discouraged but I keep going. I understand that if I stop then I might as well be a empty shell working a dead end job and never leaving to explore the world.

It’s hurt but that’s life. Traveling down the only road that I’ve ever known..

Sleep well,


Walking Tall

architecture photography, black and white photography

Doing what I’m suppose to do. I am having a hard time balancing passions, work, and college. I need to work on my body more so I can physically do more. It’s a real challenge since I’m on my feet 100% of the time at work and constantly moving. It does help me so in the end, I need to work on my diet and everything that I do after work.

I’m a photographer and a writer, I’ve given myself six months to show some results or I’ll set both down and move on. They will forever be my passions but I understand not every passion can be successfully made into a career. This is my one shot and I have to understand that and get uncomfortable to truly succeed in this field.

Time for sleep…Peace,



architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture


The one thing about a nine to five job that I hate is not having time for anything else. Everyday but one did I fall asleep after work. I lose quite a bit of time because of that. I have had to sacrifice some things, but I will need to sacrifice some more. I need to realize I do have time to do what I want. I just have to get uncomfortable and push myself until the day I die.

At the moment, I’m focusing on my writing while doing what I can for my photography with what I have. It may take a few more checks until I can afford the one. I’m saving up for a Nikon D3300 or a D3400, depending on their cost when I have money. I understood what I have to do even when the path isn’t clear I at least know that I must take a step. So I’m focusing on taking one step at a time with my photography and writing.

I had to learn to budget better as well as how to buy what I need before what I want. That’s one reason why I’m not buying my camera out right. If I did, I wouldn’t have much left to do what I need to do. Even though a DSLR is one of those needs. So I should be able to take enough together after two or three if no big expenses get in the way.

So today, I’m starting to focus more on what I need and how I can better myself while working a retail job. I’m also searching for another job that’s more in the field that I want to be in.

Have fun,