A random act of graffiti that I found in an alley in San Francisco. It’s a simple shot that I take and honestly my favorite thing about is how the sign came out.

Today was pretty tough but I managed to get through it. I am transferring to a new department at my retail job and It is a mistake. I realize no matter what I do at this store I will be unhappy and unfulfilled with the work that I am doing. So I am actively seeking a new job while working hard on developing the skills I need to create the career that I actually want. Hopefully, in two months I will be far away from this job.

On another note I am seeing slight progress in what I am doing to improve myself and my life. Sometimes negative feelings try to creep in but I do my best to crush them. I take note of small improvements with every activity that I dedicate time to. I’m going to be starting to work on my mental game. Although I have been simply through reading books. However, I am going to dedicate time for yoga and meditation.

I plan to go on a motorcycle trip next Sunday and the weekend after that I will probably be in San Francisco again. I will be taking a lot of photos on both trips and will spare any space on my sd cards.

I am truly trying to figure my life out and admit to myself that I have already found my passions now I have to get my head out of my ass and stop being lazy so I can develop the skills needed to pursue them further.

Peace & Love with fireworks,



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