This is not a great shot. It is a throwaway shot that I happened to keep. My friend isn’t trying to twerk but is actually ducking so he wouldn’t be in the shot as he knew I was taking photos of the architecture in Japantown.

I’ve failed two at this 21 day challenge, both were my fault. I will be dedicating morning time to update this blog daily especially on days that I work. Won’t be too hard as I work a 4am to 1pm shift at a retail store. My job is physically demanding but my mind is left to wander. I work hard and people can see that but I don’t care. When I’m waiting for the baler to stop compressing I tend to practice writing out katakana or hiragana.

When I’m left alone in an aisle I will verbally practice Japanese or think of a story I want to write. There is time for me to do what I want but I have to make better decisions and this is what the core of the 21 day challenge was. I’ve changed it from 21 days to 32 as they say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. I will be breaking down my goals to daily habits that I can do to achieve success.

That’s it for now, peace!



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