Takoyaki Man and Potential


One of a series of shots I took while hanging out in Japantown way before any of the shops started to open(besides the cafes). Was able to capture this old man well, I really enjoy this shot. I like how clear it is and it’s not completely straight which adds more depth to the shot. One of my better portrait shots and a decent editing job.

I hate my job..it’s clear as day. I have been in retail for almost two years now and my life hasn’t progressed that far and I am almost thirty years old. It’s been due to my laziness and my social anxiety. I’ve started to break out of those two while working my current job. I have had two straight productive days and hope to proceed on a schedule.

My supervisor can to me and asked me straight up if I was bored of my job and I instantly said “yes”. He came back to me a few minutes before I was suppose to clock out to tell me he will come up with ideas and get me moving around more as he is bothered by the fact that I am bored. He said he saw “potential” in me and that he used to brag about me to other managers who were talking shit about me. But now he saws he doesn’t view me as being productive.

My plan was to quit this job on May 23rd 2020. I was suppose to board a flight to Narita, Japan that day. However, it won’t happen for obvious reasons. So I have no goals at work and don’t plan to have any. I won’t be able to leave as I still need a paycheck.

So when he came to me and said all the ideas he came up with me to help improve my work life didn’t really effect me at all. I appreciate his effort but this job isn’t my life as it is for him. I only want to reach my potential as a man and in the field of my desire.

Besides all that, I realized after studying for my online courses. I really need to re-evaluate my goals and develop new ones. So before I head to bed, I’m going to mediate and think deeply after what I need to chase after to truly fulfill my desire and my potential.

Stay up and peace,



black and white photography, street photography

Working on my leading lines with this shot. This was taken on my second to last trip to San Francisco. This was a beautiful park not too far from the Golden Gate Bridge which you could see if I moved the camera to the left a bit more. I loved this area and wanted to capture the moment.

My posts have been sporadic but I promise myself that I will blog a lot more often. I have a lot of photos to share and a lot of words that I need to type out. Consistency is key and I want to build a solid base for this blog.

This one will be short but sweet.

Have fun,


Day 1 – Rise…Again

architecture photography, black and white photography

After checking into my hotel in San Francisco I took this shot while looking around. I like the shot as I like the detail and the leading lines present in the shot. It would be pretty cool if the sun or the moon was above this building but I’ll take it as it is.

Failed to blog for thirty days straight but I’m back to start the process over again. It doesn’t matter if you fail, it’s all about how you get back up again. I have started my new position at the same company. It’s been a weird to adjust as it’s quite different than my previous position. The positive side is that I am less tired when I get home, however, the key is to force myself to do something after work or else I’ll take a nap.

I’ve been preparing for my next San Fran trip which will be on August 9th. Working hard to lose weight and get everything in order. Focusing on my health then my career and passions. I decided to continue and look for a starting point for another career. I’ll also been launching after blog in a few days. Anyway, got a lot of stuff planned now it’s time to execute.

Touch the sky,


Day 2 – Trigger: Happy Fourth

street photography

A random act of graffiti that I found in an alley in San Francisco. It’s a simple shot that I take and honestly my favorite thing about is how the sign came out.

Today was pretty tough but I managed to get through it. I am transferring to a new department at my retail job and It is a mistake. I realize no matter what I do at this store I will be unhappy and unfulfilled with the work that I am doing. So I am actively seeking a new job while working hard on developing the skills I need to create the career that I actually want. Hopefully, in two months I will be far away from this job.

On another note I am seeing slight progress in what I am doing to improve myself and my life. Sometimes negative feelings try to creep in but I do my best to crush them. I take note of small improvements with every activity that I dedicate time to. I’m going to be starting to work on my mental game. Although I have been simply through reading books. However, I am going to dedicate time for yoga and meditation.

I plan to go on a motorcycle trip next Sunday and the weekend after that I will probably be in San Francisco again. I will be taking a lot of photos on both trips and will spare any space on my sd cards.

I am truly trying to figure my life out and admit to myself that I have already found my passions now I have to get my head out of my ass and stop being lazy so I can develop the skills needed to pursue them further.

Peace & Love with fireworks,


Day 1 – Once Again: Accepting Failure

architecture photography, black and white photography

This is not a great shot. It is a throwaway shot that I happened to keep. My friend isn’t trying to twerk but is actually ducking so he wouldn’t be in the shot as he knew I was taking photos of the architecture in Japantown.

I’ve failed two at this 21 day challenge, both were my fault. I will be dedicating morning time to update this blog daily especially on days that I work. Won’t be too hard as I work a 4am to 1pm shift at a retail store. My job is physically demanding but my mind is left to wander. I work hard and people can see that but I don’t care. When I’m waiting for the baler to stop compressing I tend to practice writing out katakana or hiragana.

When I’m left alone in an aisle I will verbally practice Japanese or think of a story I want to write. There is time for me to do what I want but I have to make better decisions and this is what the core of the 21 day challenge was. I’ve changed it from 21 days to 32 as they say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. I will be breaking down my goals to daily habits that I can do to achieve success.

That’s it for now, peace!



black and white photography, Portrait photography


Another quick portrait of my friend as he drives us to San Francisco. I couldn’t imagine that I would have two good friends and those two friends would become friends as well. I also can’t believe that I would actually go on a trip with other people. I can honestly say going to San Francisco was one of the best experiences of my life. I hope that I am able to go back with these guys. Someday I’ll go back on my own and explore but I would truly be grateful if the two of them would still be my friends in the future.

Enjoy true friendship,




P.S. not my best portrait but I’m practicing and doing my best to improve.

street photography


Took this shot shortly after Halloween. I like how well it’s blurred but the face of the subject is a bit blurred which disappoints me a bit. However, forgetting that I actually like this shot. I like seeing the age of the chain and the overall wear of the object. I would like to explore this subject again but sadly it was gone when I walked past this spot again.

Decided to seek a new job due to various reasons. So I will start looking for jobs tomorrow. Made some changes in order to be more dedicated to my passions and me. Overall, I do feel more fulfilled overall and I feel like I have more opportunities to be happy. I’m focusing on what’s important to me and will continue to make the best decisions I can for myself, my family, and my future.

I am a photographer and my confidence is growing stronger.

Enjoy your decisions,



Is it Worth it?

black and white photography, street photography


When I first saw this shot in my photo folder after uploading it I actually liked the shot. However, the more I look at it the more I wonder if it actually works. I like the subject and the angle. It is the blur that makes me wonder if this shot works. Most of me is saying yes as it is my type of photography. I am weird and go against the grain. My goal is to be me and have my photography represent me and the stories that I want to tell/showcase. So in the need, I have to learn the fundamentals better but at the same time just do me.

Working on changing jobs and exploring my options while I am still young. I am focusing on that and improving myself daily. My life has improved but at the same time, I have more room to grow in certain areas. My social life is at an all-time high as I actually have genuine friends that I hang out with every Sunday and sometimes Thursday. However, it is my career that is the problem. I’ve been working for 7 months now at a retail store. It is a simple job if they leave us alone and allow us to work at a healthy pace. We often have meetings where they celebrate people’s work anniversary. One woman has been there for eight years and what she had to say scared me. “I can’t believe it’s been eight years. I looked up one day and eight years have gone by”. I really don’t want to live like that. It’s okay for some people but not me. So despite my inner self delaying looking for a new job because of all the people I connected with at this job place, I have decided venture out before it is too late.

I am hoping to find a job in the career field that I want to work with or at least a job that gives me enough time to do my passions on the side until I am ready to do them as a career.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I have to sleep now to make sure I’m 100% for work tomorrow.




Shattered Dreams or Shattered Vices

black and white photography, street photography

This photo can represent someone’s desperation after their dream shatters or someone’s resolve to get rid of their vices. I love photos that may have conflicting meanings depending on who views it. I won’t state my opinion further and allow you to decide what you believe.


I’m working hard to accomplish my dreams when I actually get down and do some work. I struggle to get to the keyboard but when I’m there I write away. I’m ridding myself of distractions and focusing on my passions.

Was able to write one thousand words in less than an hour in one sitting. Im writing about something that I love and I require myself to write that much on a daily basis. I fail everyday but I’m pushing myself to try. I have the dreams but I need the hard work. I’m developing it and will continue to develop it until it’s no longer a thought.

I don’t want to be 50 years old working at Walmart for terrible pay. I want to accomplish my dreams so I must work hard. I realize this but I do get lazy. However, as each day goes by I’m less lazy. Tomorrow will be the start of a new work ethic. I have something to prove to myself and I know I can do it. I just have to do it.

I’m off to do just that. Peace,