Day 3 – Little by Little Performance

A shot I took while walking towards the California Academy of Sciences. I wanted to capture this stature and took a few shots from different angles. I like this shot the most as I believe it does it best to represent the actual stature itself. Shortly after this was taken, it started to rain so we had to walk back to our hotel. I hope to be able to go back to this area and capture more shots.

I took a few too long naps today but even with that I showed improvements. I did my best to improve a little bit. I went to the gym later than I wanted to do but worked out harder than I expected to. Walked more than my daily goal after forcing myself to complete my normal route despite already walking it when I went to the gym. Practiced kanji more than normal and thought without outside influences corrupting my attention.

So I did fail a bit today but I managed to keep trying instead of quitting and simply laying on my bed like a comatose patient waiting to wake up. I knew I had to do something today so I focused on simply going a little further today than I did yesterday. I’m trying to do everything earlier than I normally do which has slightly improved my mood. Instead of walking at 7pm I walk at 6pm. Plus I’m doing more in the day and doing less cramming at night.

Little by little I will improve. I didn’t do everything I wanted to get done today but I did surely improve in more than one way. The hard thing is simply living up to my standards and truly living my values.

Thank you and goodnight,


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