A simple shot I took while in Japantown. I’m studying Japanese so this little sign was interesting to see. I like this shot, however, I would try to make the white stand out more. The photo is very natural which is common in my edited shots. That might just be my style so I will just have to improve.

Continuing to post on this blog has been getting easier as I look forward to it when I wake up. However, I spend the day thinking of what the title will be and the shot that reflects that. This sign represents my pursuit of studying Japanese so in a way it does represent the title of “work for it”. I failed a bit today but kept up the habit of walking and studying Japanese. I talked openly with my grandfather about what I want to do with my life. He simply said “talking about something and doing something is different. If you want it then pursue and don’t end up sitting on the couch watching TV like me”.

This talk inspired the title and got me thinking. What have I truly done differently to pursue my goals? Nothing, I push off doing research until I am doubting myself and yet I always end up with the same conclusion. Tomorrow I will use as a research day and look up everything that I have been meaning to. With Monday being used as a day to put everything into practice as I have the day off.

The only negative thing in my life at the moment is my job. Yes, I like the money but I hate what I do and dislike the environment. So I’m doing my best to find another job that will be more likable while I pursue the career I truly want.

If you want something, work for it!



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