A shot that I didn’t imagine showcasing on this blog, however, as I looked through my edited photos this one stood out. I really like the white in the heart and how the heart really stands out. I’m glad I kept the people in the shot although not the biggest fan of the poles. Seeing this photo makes me want to return to the city.

I’m watching Wreck it Ralph 2 as I type this up and some of the themes really hit home with my current situation. Three out of four of my friends work at my retail job. One of my friends will be leaving early next month and I’m planning to leave this month as long I can get another job. I know that are friendships will change for better or worse. I understand it’s apart of life and all I can do is focus on what I am going to do. Our friendships will not be the same and that’s okay.

Besides that, I have been improving and getting things done. I still have a habit of napping after work but I am trying to make the naps shorter each time to relative success. I still have a lot of research to do today so I’ll end it here.

Build your own life,



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