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I don’t remember taking this shot but I did. I’m 99.9% sure that I took it in San Francisco maybe somewhere in Japantown. I habit of not taking photos of flowers due to a course I took many years ago. Anyway, when I was editing this shot I couldn’t decide on how to edit it. I simply made the flowers stand out more and add a bit more color to the entire shot. So this is really just a work in progress that I felt like showing. I like the shot but if I could go back I would try to capture the table at a different angle.

Managed to a decent amount of things today. Of course, studied the stock market and made a few more moves. Even cracked open the investing 101 book that I’ve been meaning to read. Going to be following more investing YouTubers when I can find some quality ones. Plus a co-worker told me about a stock site that I have to check out before I see him again.

Read “Innocent” by Avi Arad, Junichi Fujisaku & Yasung Ko. It was okay, I really enjoyed the story later on in the book and I enjoyed the art style except for when it came down to the angels. It’s one volume and not too thick of a manga so they tried really hard to tell a good revenge story. It was unique to say the least. Next up will be “All You Need Is Kill” by a few people haha. It’s the book that the Tom Cruise’s movie “Edge of Tomorrow” was based on. Probably the best American adaption of a Japanese manga.

Went on a walk and rode my motorcycle as well. I really enjoy doing both and will have to try to muster enough energy to do both of them after work so I just don’t plop on my bed and crash after work. Besides that, I played some games and cooked. Doing my best to improve my diet and exercise. I find that if I cook my own meals I tend to snack less and I’m able to control my cravings more.

Managed to work on my goals for this site and the other that I want to start. I will dedicate tomorrow to changing this blog and pursuing my passions. I go back to work on Saturday and will work until Tuesday. Also will be looking for a second job so if I’m able to get one then things are going to be tight. However, I will still dedicate my time and energy to this site and to my other endeavors. It will be hard but it is worth it.

Anyway, I hope life returns to normal for you all. Have fun, try to improve things, and simply pursue life.





A slightly different shot of the flower plus I wanted to see how it would look in black and white. It’s okay not great, but I still enjoy this shot. Might have been a better angle if this flower was a rose. I have a lot to improve and gladly try.

Relaxed today, started a new exercise routine which is okay. I will have to tweak it and add a dumbbell routine as well. Besides that, didn’t do much but take time to clean and rest from work. Been binge-watching “Community” which is a show that open leaves me in tears from laughter.

My stocks are doing decent, I was able to invest some money but didn’t go crazy. Going to set up a study schedule so I can actually get some learning done. I have books on Japanese language, Korean language, investing, photography, political philosophy, and manga to get through but haven’t read in a while. It’s something that I have to change immediately and setup a time in the day to simply read. The same can be said about writing. Haven’t wrote anything in a few days besides these blog posts.

Well need to get back to the drawing board. So good night and sleep well,


A Moment

nature photography

Once in a while I’ll dive into flower photography especially when I am testing out my camera settings. This was taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco, Ca late in the afternoon. Was looking for a birthday present for a co-worker. These flowers were perfect for me to test new settings out. Not much that I can say for this one but that my focusing has gotten a lot better as has my composition.

Comparing this photo to old photos of mine really makes me smile to see my progress. Anyway, learned a new task at work today that helped me to get through my shift faster. Besides that, work was basically the same. Less people have shown up and security is tighter than usual. Most people are following the six feet rule but not everyone.

Was able to get a little research done but not a whole lot. Did some drawing and was happy with the results however won’t continue to pursue developing the skill. Did a little investing and studying foreign stocks listed on the NYSE. Some people are panicking and selling everything but I’m staying the course. Haven’t picked up Japanese up again but will do so tomorrow. Going to Marie Kondo clean my room tomorrow and hopefully keep it in order.

My exercise routine has grown stall after a week, so I’ll be doing a more challenging one. Going to try to do yoga and other forms of exercise as well. Making the right choices with food and trying my best to prepare my own meals. Hopefully, there will be good results at the end but for now I am enjoying the journey.




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This shot features bushes and trees on a cloudy day. I edited this photo in Lightroom to be much darker in order to create a whole new image. I can see some of my mistakes and have some ideas about how I would edit this photo better. I really enjoy taking gothic-like photos as it fits my personal taste. Hoping to continue to explore Lightroom and photography more.

Getting ready to explore my options as my probation period ends in fourteen days at the retail job. I don’t want to stay because it sucks but some of my co-workers are amazing. It will cause me some grief when I leave, however, it is something I have to do because the company I work for really sucks and I know leaving will help my mental health. Anyway, follow your own path.


Stay fresh,




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Experimented with nature and the color blue one decent day as I walked. The blue could pop more, which is something I will work on when I boot up Lightroom the next time.

Doing my best to stay calm in stressful situations. I actually got a lot done and hope to be able to do more tomorrow. Hanging out with a co-worker/friend for a while outside of work was pretty cool. I’m able to be myself without restraining myself due to being in the workplace. Working hard to become better and do better. Chasing the best version of myself slowly.

Was able to start riding my motorcycle with confidence. Will continue to develop a better mindset that will enable me to stay cool, calm, and collected.





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Was making my home and noticed this little guy resting on a fence near an empty field. I captured many shots of this little critter. I like this shot a lot but I don’t believe it’s the best shot that I captured with this subject. I am simply exploring my photography skills and my camera.

Working on my career when I am not at my retail job. I am exploring what will help me in the future and what I can do now to create the future that I want. It’s hard but it is a worthy challenge. I have to remind myself of why I am doing all the things that I am doing and it helps me get through the difficult times(especially at the retail job).

I hope that my path beings to unblur, unlike this little guy.

Have fun,




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Took a short break, but I’m back on schedule to do daily posts again. Since the last time, I posted anything I’ve upgraded to a Nikon D3300. It’s my first DSLR and I bought it entirely with my hard earned cash. It truly felt great to do so, I took it on a 6-mile walk and captured about 700 photos. I’m still adjusting to it and learning about it. Will need to find the manual online soon. Was able to publish my first post for and the second one will be published soon.

I truly learned how to work on a deadline to be considered an active writer for the website. Besides that, I’ve been doing my best to pursue photography/filmmaking full-time and will be applying to jobs related to both fields. It should be easy to apply just have to update my resume and press send. I’m fully committed to this journey and willing to invest in it. If I fail so be it, I can always pick myself up and try again.

That’s it for now but stay tuned for more tomorrow.




P.S. I still have to finish designing this website.

Having Fun

nature photography, street photography

Talked about cameras with a person who really knew his stuff. It was a lot of fun and had me itching to upgrade my current setup even more. Currently, debating on getting a Canon t6 or a Nikon D3300. I will make a decision by Thursday. It’s a tough choice, do I go with the cheaper option or the most recommended option? Is a question that’s been haunting me all day.

Anyway, this photo is a bit older. I was experimenting with editing and the color yellow. I left the man walking in the shot because of his yellow shirt. It seemed to fit the flower. I like the spider web that’s wrapped around the stem. I enjoy this shot and hope to continue to take better shots.

Have fun,