A slightly different shot of the flower plus I wanted to see how it would look in black and white. It’s okay not great, but I still enjoy this shot. Might have been a better angle if this flower was a rose. I have a lot to improve and gladly try.

Relaxed today, started a new exercise routine which is okay. I will have to tweak it and add a dumbbell routine as well. Besides that, didn’t do much but take time to clean and rest from work. Been binge-watching “Community” which is a show that open leaves me in tears from laughter.

My stocks are doing decent, I was able to invest some money but didn’t go crazy. Going to set up a study schedule so I can actually get some learning done. I have books on Japanese language, Korean language, investing, photography, political philosophy, and manga to get through but haven’t read in a while. It’s something that I have to change immediately and setup a time in the day to simply read. The same can be said about writing. Haven’t wrote anything in a few days besides these blog posts.

Well need to get back to the drawing board. So good night and sleep well,



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