Wanted to showcase this photo as I consider it a “wash”. I do like the girl standing there looking at the shop in the way back and the older woman looking at a sign displaying food. However, I don’t feel like this shot stands out. This photo is a fail for many people I’m sure but if I follow my principles for photography then its successful as seek to capture life as it is. That’s why its “life through my eyes”.

Managed to finally upgrade this site to premium. Will be thinking about things and working on my plans for this site over the weekend. I’ll set up a strategy for design and purpose then act on the strategies I choose. Will try to add a true photography portfolio on site to showcase my work in a non-blog format.

I’m going to give this website my all and see how far I can truly take something if I do. I plan to also try to freelance write elsewhere and gain a following for my writing. Used to write articles for an anime/manga based site but for some reason the person behind it went M.I.A. So I’ll have to find a new place to try to see if I can pursue writing. Shouldn’t be too hard, if not then so be it. I’ll get going until I can see the end of my growth in this field.

My goal is to be able to travel, learn, photograph, create, and write while being my own boss. Don’t desire for fame, just looking to pursue my own path in life. I’m driven to do this and I’ll instill the discipline needed to do it. To the point that this becomes my healthy obsession. Mamba mentality!

Now goodnight and stay safe,



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