A slightly different shot of the flower plus I wanted to see how it would look in black and white. It’s okay not great, but I still enjoy this shot. Might have been a better angle if this flower was a rose. I have a lot to improve and gladly try. Relaxed today, started aContinue reading “Color”


Going to update this blog daily again but with more focus on putting multiple photos in each post. This is a shot I took after walking past this area for a few days in a row. I wish I could have made the flower stand out more but I do like the shot.    IContinue reading “Changes”

D 58 – Change

  Choosing what is important and what isn’t important in the long run. Giving up what isn’t important is challenging, however, it’s worth it if I want to be a better creator and a better man. One thing I’m giving up is naps unless absolutely necessary and giving up certain YouTube channels and focusing onContinue reading “D 58 – Change”

D49 – Reflection

Explored a new are today and caught this photo while on this adventure. I’m working up to walk 4 miles a day, at the moment I walk two and a half miles. I enjoyed playing with the shadows and nature as I was deeply thinking. I am focusing on not being lazy with the photographsContinue reading “D49 – Reflection”

Day 34 – In the End

In the end it doesn’t matter what people want for you. It only matters what you want as only you can live your life. Try not to be anyone else but yourself. You are here for a reason and that is to live and create. Much better day mentally. I got over my emotional humpContinue reading “Day 34 – In the End”


We take life for granted and spoil the things that keep us alive We all look for life to go by yet in the crucial moments we wish for more time Instead of living in the fast lane take it one minute at a time slow down and enjoy the ride take care of yourContinue reading “Drip”

Beauty of Nature 

Took a moment to capture life and slow things down a bit. Returning to form is difficult but I trust the process. Will reach true success not like the Sixers. I take the time to smell the “roses” now to keep a clear mind for the journey ahead. Each photo was captured in the morningContinue reading “Beauty of Nature “

Slow down and take the beauty of life in

We live fast in this age so it’s even more important to take the time to slow everything down. Take a walk with no goal, take life in. See Kidd playing, people walking dogs, smell the flowers, and take it the beauty of life. The walk will improve your body and mind. You will beContinue reading “Slow down and take the beauty of life in”