I don’t remember taking this shot but I did. I’m 99.9% sure that I took it in San Francisco maybe somewhere in Japantown. I habit of not taking photos of flowers due to a course I took many years ago. Anyway, when I was editing this shot I couldn’t decide on how to edit it. I simply made the flowers stand out more and add a bit more color to the entire shot. So this is really just a work in progress that I felt like showing. I like the shot but if I could go back I would try to capture the table at a different angle.

Managed to a decent amount of things today. Of course, studied the stock market and made a few more moves. Even cracked open the investing 101 book that I’ve been meaning to read. Going to be following more investing YouTubers when I can find some quality ones. Plus a co-worker told me about a stock site that I have to check out before I see him again.

Read “Innocent” by Avi Arad, Junichi Fujisaku & Yasung Ko. It was okay, I really enjoyed the story later on in the book and I enjoyed the art style except for when it came down to the angels. It’s one volume and not too thick of a manga so they tried really hard to tell a good revenge story. It was unique to say the least. Next up will be “All You Need Is Kill” by a few people haha. It’s the book that the Tom Cruise’s movie “Edge of Tomorrow” was based on. Probably the best American adaption of a Japanese manga.

Went on a walk and rode my motorcycle as well. I really enjoy doing both and will have to try to muster enough energy to do both of them after work so I just don’t plop on my bed and crash after work. Besides that, I played some games and cooked. Doing my best to improve my diet and exercise. I find that if I cook my own meals I tend to snack less and I’m able to control my cravings more.

Managed to work on my goals for this site and the other that I want to start. I will dedicate tomorrow to changing this blog and pursuing my passions. I go back to work on Saturday and will work until Tuesday. Also will be looking for a second job so if I’m able to get one then things are going to be tight. However, I will still dedicate my time and energy to this site and to my other endeavors. It will be hard but it is worth it.

Anyway, I hope life returns to normal for you all. Have fun, try to improve things, and simply pursue life.




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