DSC05453-01.jpeg Been making small decisions daily in order to build myself up to making big ones when I need to. Along with this, I’ve been reflecting on my actions daily and making better overall decisions which leads to better action. Won’t say it is easy nor will I say it leads to fast results. It’s a slow process but as long as I am moving and not stagnating then I am making progress.

It’s not the only way but it is the best way for me. I’m working hard on improving my crafts to become a true polymath and to lead a happier life. Not every day is a plus for me but I reflect what went wrong and seek to improve and not make the same mistakes twice.

My goal is not money or status but rather work that I can mold into becoming my dream job. My other goal is to be the best version of myself which is slowly coming to fruition.

The photo is simple because the simplest answer is generally the best solution. I am expressing my love of looking at the sky and my love of film noir, nature, and noh.

Simply be you,



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