This photo is from 3 to 4 years ago. I remember spending two hours playing basketball at the local park when everyone is at home sleeping. I waited for the perfect angle and captured the hoop. I believe this was done with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Which had the best camera on a phone that I’ve ever owned. It’s a little noisy but I am glad to come back to these shots and see how far I’ve come.

One more day at work and then four off days (calling out one day). Worked hard today both in my day job and out. Was able to study more about investing and might be interested in swing trading. Will have to do more research and study investing more before I make a decision like that. Got another co-worker interested in investing which was pretty nice.

Picked Marie Kondo & Scott Soenshein’s new book ” Joy at Work”. I’ve only read one page so far but it seems to be an interesting read. Going to use it to clean up desk and provide a better place for me to work on this blog, my photography, video editing, investing, and writing. Going to add it to my schedule tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to read quite a bit of it.

So I am going to start to invest into myself more. I really want to leave my job but I don’t want to quickly hop onto the next available retail job. So I’m going to try to obtain some certifications and gain more experience video editing, using photoshop and lightroom, and writing. We will have to see what I can do during these turbulent times.

Besides that, got to figure out a good workout routine and stick with it. For now, got to get some cleaning done before I hit the hay. I have the 4am shift tomorrow.

Dare to invest in yourself,



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