Stood there long enough for an elderly woman to walk behind the old man featured in previous shots. I really enjoy these series of shots as I do have two more featuring the takoyaki man. I like the line that the people kind of form based on all of their goals. I like the goals and how things are in focus. I have a feeling that the lanterns may be distracting but they also add a little depth to the environment and also form their own line.

It’s a little past mid-night as I am sitting at my desk as I paused the K-drama I was watching. I have the 7 am to 4 pm shift at work today. It’s going to kick my ass but I’ll do my best to fight through it.

Kind of lost at the moment, focusing on developing my self-awareness enough to piece my interests together into a goal that I can chase that puts a fire in my belly. Doing my best to save up as we are in a serious health crisis. I’m taking caution at work and staying inside on my off days. Trying to invest in my health and gaining credentials to improve my status in life. Also catching up on TV shows and movies I’ve been meaning to watch.

Currently, trying my hand at taking courses at Coursera. International Marketing and Cross Industry Growth is my first course, I started it yesterday and I am almost finished with it. I like being able to go at my own pace and not being held back. I may or not continue my studying there but we will have to see in 5 days or I’ll just have to cancel the service. Going to be working hard on learning photo editing as well so I can continue to improve.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Keep sane and stay human,



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