Experimented in the Good Hotel last time I went to SF. This one reminds me of some of the old photos I took when I was still using a Sony Cybershot. I like the atmosphere and the lighting, however, not the biggest fan of the fire escape. It does add a different kind of element to the shot though. Shot like this on a high ISO as you can probably tell. Still working on learning my camera and improving my editing skills.

Been off for two days which has been pretty nice. Can’t complain when a lot of people are not working at the moment. Still hate the job but I’m doing what I have to do. I have the 4am to 1pm shift for the next 3 days so I’m going to have to find a balance and work on a schedule if I want to get anything done.

Managed to be more productive than usual, however, been having depressing thoughts which leads to me seeking out food. Working on hard to combat the negative thoughts and that bad habit. Setting up a good schedule that will feature meditation and exercise that I will start implementing right after this post.

Now, really is the best time to invest in yourself. Most of the time, I have to stay home and there’s no point in me just laying around. Got to get some shit done before I am gray and old. That’s just a tad bit from me, more later after I actually do something.

Stay safe and don’t be an asshole,



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