Follow the Dragon

Really wanted to capture the dragon and finally got my chance early in the morning on the last day in SF. It was still pretty dark on the bridge so I had to use a higher ISO than I normally use. Decent shot, maybe I could have waited for someone to walk past me orContinue reading “Follow the Dragon”

Full Circle

Experimented in the Good Hotel last time I went to SF. This one reminds me of some of the old photos I took when I was still using a Sony Cybershot. I like the atmosphere and the lighting, however, not the biggest fan of the fire escape. It does add a different kind of elementContinue reading “Full Circle”

Day 19 – Happiness

As I start to take the right path, the light comes flooding in. I was buying everything that I need to better my life when I got a surprise. My mother and brothers came to visit me. It was an excellent surprise, I am tired after spending most of the day with them but IContinue reading “Day 19 – Happiness”


A simple shot based on my influences in cinema. It’s an older shot but shows how I experiment with light and shadows. Took this with a Sony Cybershot. Back after a long time away. Won’t be taking that long of a break again. Been working and adjusting to going to college as well. It’s aContinue reading “Process”


Sometimes the best teacher is yourself and a book. Other times it’s getting outside and living life. I’m anti-social introvert with the habit of talking too low and fast, which causes me to stumble over my words. I’m trying to overcome it, but I understand it takes time. Every passion I want to turn intoContinue reading “Knowledge”

Walking Alone

Realized that I may walk alone but I am not lonely. I don’t have a true friend only people that I talk to or meet up with once on a while. I’m fine like that, I’m an introvert and my photography seems to showcase that. I’m working on myself and I tend not to haveContinue reading “Walking Alone”

Endless Dedication

Gotta Take the Shot To get anywhere in life, you must take a shot at whatever you are trying to do. “You miss every shot you don’t take”. It takes dedication to the craft as much Michael Jordan and basketball or Al Pacino and acting. It may not happen over night, but at some pointContinue reading “Endless Dedication”

Working and Rest

Not my best shot nor a great one. I simply enjoyed taking this shot as I was exploring the college. This shot shows off the industrial feel that I talked about in a previous post. I will definitely return to this location and take more shots. Work and Rest Been having a challenging time adaptingContinue reading “Working and Rest”

Talking to Myself

Found myself lost as I was looking for a specific building. I caught this shot which proaprob shows that I wasn’t all too concerned about finding what I needed to. In the end, I was able to do what I had to do. I love all the lines present in the shot as well asContinue reading “Talking to Myself”

109 – Spur

No matter how much darkness tries to corrupt your path, you must keep on moving. I took this shot at my college during a busy time. I liked the shape of the shadows so I crouched down to take a few shots when people started to get into the shot. I simply used patience toContinue reading “109 – Spur”