A shot I took after a long walk down to a rocky beach to catch the Golden Gate Bridge from a different angle. Not my best shot yet I still enjoy it. I normally don’t keep my photos colored but I let this one pass through. Kind of wish I focused more on the people, what’s done is done.

Posting this pictures brings back good memories and has me antsy for my next trip. Under the circumstances I don’t know when that they will be. I live in California, which has been hit bad by the virus. I cancelled a trip to San Francisco, San Jose, and Japan. Been dreaming about going to Japan ever since I was a kid so it is frustrating but I understand. Luckily, I still have a job, I work in a retail store. They gave us legal forms to show to the police if we are ever pulled over while we are going to work.

Work is starting to slow down which was predictable as more and more people get their supplies. The shelves are starting to get full again except for the toilet paper and paper towel aisle. Ironically, I was the one who grabbed the last bit of toilet paper today. We are taking the precautions to stay safe. I have the 4am-1pm tomorrow so I’m going to have to shut down soon.

On a brighter note, been working on developing a life plan and working on my Japanese. While take some time on my off day when I’m cleaning to do some photo editing and more writing. For now, stay safe and stay sane.




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