Behind the Scenes

A shot I took after a long walk down to a rocky beach to catch the Golden Gate Bridge from a different angle. Not my best shot yet I still enjoy it. I normally don’t keep my photos colored but I let this one pass through. Kind of wish I focused more on the people,Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

Day 25 – Work

Farmers market in San Francisco not far from city hall. Loved exploring this area and seeing all the different kind of people there. Been working my ass off to improve in all areas of my life and being more productive. So far so good, but I so much more work to do. I am excited!!


Another quick portrait of my friend as he drives us to San Francisco. I couldn’t imagine that I would have two good friends and those two friends would become friends as well. I also can’t believe that I would actually go on a trip with other people. I can honestly say going to San FranciscoContinue reading “Friendship”