Me and my friend woke up late from our naps after a two hour plus drive to Bodega Bay. Thus we took photos later than I wanted to and ended up arriving at a beach right after sundown. I still managed to take some silhouette-style portraits. I am grateful that my friend was willing to do this in order to develop my portfolio and my photography skills. Doing my best to branch out and explore how far I can go with photography. I need to learn more about lighting and editing. Been a little lazy with it but I truly can’t be if I want to do this as a career someday.

These are not the best photos I’ve ever take but I can see that I am getting better slowly. Through these works I can see myself thinking more and giving better directions to the model.

This one is good to me, however, I feel like this is a failure of my editing skills. I need to have the model stand out more against the background. And this shot has a lot of grain which actually fits in with the feel of the photo.

I have a few more to showcase but I will do that with another post soon. Updating this blog and doing more photography is what I am seeking to do most recently. I have to overcome the self-doubt and procrastination as well as escapism in order to achieve my dreams.

Have a good day!


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