My gracious friend posing for me as we walked around Bodega Bay, CA. It was just after sunset so I had to think creatively to take his portrait. I used a good amount of shadows and played around with positioning. He took my direction well and was patient. This is one of the many pictures I took that day. It was disappointing at the time not to be able to capture photos during golden hour, however, it helped me face diversity and I feel like it made a more receptive photographer.

I’ve been reading “The Tao of Photography” by Philippe L. Gross & S.I. Shapiro. The book has me thinking more about photography and not just in the technical terms. The main message I got from the book so far is to forget yourself and forget the notion of the perfect shot. It’s to not be too hard on yourself and be willing to be receptive and shoot without a solid plan. It also mentions that you shouldn’t leave an area just because the shoot is difficult you need to keep your head up and fight again adversity to become a better artist.

I believe the Bodega Bay trip helped me to accept the knowledge in the book. So I am trying my best to keep reading it and further my understanding of myself, my creative process, my photography, and my mentality. It’s a tall order but it’s the path with the most resistance so it’s the one I need and want to take. There’s been too much laziness in my life and I have to accept that to live is to fight and if I want to live right I need to fight to live the way I want to. It’s been difficult but I am trying. I will not escape and I will obtain the life that I truly want.

Stay golden,



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