Took this shot not too far away from the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Always wanted to take a photo of this area but was too afraid that it was closed to the public. But the last time I went to SF, I was like “why the f*ck not”. I like the atmosphere, and the lighting. Maybe will try to put a model at the end of the tunnel someday.

Finally, got some rest from all the stress from my day job. I have tomorrow off too which is pretty nice but will have to go back to the chaotic jungle that retail is now more than ever. Taking this time to simply relax and work on myself. Will be editing more photos tomorrow and working on my brand. I’m tired of living a life that I simply don’t want so the first step is simply to do what I want. Little harder to do when we are basically quarantining ourselves due to the Corona virus.

I’ll be taking this time to read, write, exercise, and study while making a plan that I will start to execute as soon as possible. Going to take some risks but at this point I don’t care. I’m so off from where I want to be, I’m willing to put in the work in now and satisfy every dream. Had to postpone my dream to go to Japan in May and will have to continue to do so until this event is over.

There’s a lot of things to do, I just can’t get sucked up in the sweet world of entertainment too much that I lose all desire to work. Right now, just need this laptop, paper, pen, and a plan to execute. I got money, I got time, and I got health. Let’s get it cracking!



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