A shot that I slightly edited and left colored. Kind of wish that the color of the bridge was more vibrant. However, I do enjoy how the water turned out. I approve of this photo but I can see what I can improve on. I experimented heavily with not having the bridge front line and center in the photograph which I did accomplish. For me, nothing really stands out in the photo besides the waves.

It was a long descent to take this shot but it was truly worth it. I will remember this journey for a long time to come.

Wasn’t able to get a whole lot done today. I had a very busy day at my day job, in my two years there we have never been as busy as we were today. Crashed when I got home, was trying to get rid of a headache. It’s still hurting me but it’s not as bad as it was. Was able to get a little cleaning done , was able to write, practice my jab and cross (boxing), and did some much needed cleaning. Got the 4am shift tomorrow, so I’m going to need to crash pretty soon.

One thing I do before going to bed everyday is prepare. I get my backpack ready for work, I put my work clothes on my chair, and fully charge all my electronics before I go to bed. It helps me save energy in the morning and allows me to slowly wake up without forgetting anything. It’s help my overall attitude in the morning and at work. Might try to meditate and read before work now especially if I wake before 3. Sometimes I do but then I crash hard when I get home if I don’t force myself to do something or I have a bad day.

Taking a single step every single day to improve myself and my life no matter what life throws at me.

Stay sane and peace!



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